Are liine lemur forums dead? + a probably simple lemur question

Just had a bit of trouble with something in lemur and went to check the forums, it’s dissapeared by the looks of it. Anyone got any idea?

If we have any lemur wizards here, what I’m trying to do is set a multiball to send notes.I’ve got it set up with the X axis mapped to note on with the pitch set from 0-127. It works but instead of changing note pitch the X axis is just affecting velocity and sending the same note repeatedly. My plan was to have the X axis send notes I can put through a plugin to force it to a scale, then have the Y axis send a CC I can map to modulation on a synth for kaossilator type fun. If someone can help me just get the X axis sending notes properly I can sort the rest.


no lemur users around? failing all else i’ll use a midi processor to force it to do what I need. i’d rather get to understand what i’m doing wrong though for future reference

just checked. Lemur forums not working for me either, though it was pretty dead a year or so ago when I last went there. Was a good resource though so it’s a pity.

Edit. Not sure about your issue though… currently at work but I did a quick google there were some discussions around that but you might need to look at ‘cached’ version.

oh man this sucks, found a couple of threads on other forums questioning it too. I hope they get it up and running again, I am gonna be at a complete loss without that forum. helped me get my head round it when I first started using lemur. how would I find the cached version? nothing from the forum is coming up on google for me.

EDIT: I found a link to a thread that probably holds the answer to what im trying to do but its unavailable and not cached anywhere, frustrating

Yeah no cached versions of that page damn.

wayback machine:*/
seems there are some forum pages there but they aren’t searchable so would have to dig deep to find, but its something.

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try to reach out Antonio Blanca…he’s a master guru.
At least your question is a matter of seconds for him and you can always ask what happened to the forum, I believe he knows everything :slight_smile:


I’ve done a fair amount of work with Lemur (created a few templates, helped a bunch back on the Liine forums).
PM me an email address and we’ll get started fixing your template.



Thankyou @sicijk and @oldgearguy ! Was starting to think there was no one here. Hopefully I can find out what happened to the forums. Last lemur update was only in February and the main page of their site is still up so I shouldn’t think this is the end


Big thanks to @oldgearguy for making this happen. I appreciate it a lot. posting this here for anyone who is looking in the future and might want to do something similar, here is a link to the template. its a midi controller that sends notes like a kaossilator. ive also quoted an very informative post about it underneath.