Are +Drive upgrades still available?


It’s pretty expensive from what I gather. You would be better off selling your unit and snapping up a newer +drive one for not much extra.


Create a support ticket and ask them.


I would think they do. The plus drive is nothing but a memory stick/device. The a4 came preshipped with them before they were “activated” on an OS update. Gimmie a moment and ill open up one of my mk2’s and see they still use the same memory piece.

I just opened up my a4mk2 and it doesnt appear to use the same parts. Though coincidentally there is a pronged fitter that is the same size that the md uses for its plus drive.

Ive added a few photos since i bothered so people can see whats in there.


Does anyone know if it’s still possible to get the +drive upgrade performed?


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There’s a fella on ebay that is doing them for about £500 and is based in Italy.

I only know this because it came up in a search for something else. So that’s not an endorsement

I’ve been thinking about this too, lately…

Me too. Then I wondered if I could exchange the +drive from my MnM to the MD. And then wondered even more, what would be better.

Recent report:


Also my understanding, but what I heard from support is that they do not service MK1‘s anymore.

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If they damage it and cannot supply parts then it’s not feasible.

they do.

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