AR, OB, MBP: Where is the Bug?

Greetings earthlings
I am still learning to use my Analog Rytm MK I, and I despartly want to use it together with my DAW (Reason).
But they don’t seem to find each other.
I have the AR MK I with OS 1.31, Overbridge 1.15 and a MBP OS 10.13.6

When I set the AR on USB-mode Overbridge, my computer does not find it. Re-installing won’t help. (Changing the USB-cable won’t help either)
C6 does not find the AR as well.
At least, when I set the USB-config to USB-MDI only, i can play the AR from Reason as an external MIDI-instrument.
Any idea? Anyone? Should I try to update everything?

You may wish to update the AR and Overbridge to the latest beta. It appears to be quite stable. As for MacOS? I would read up on what’s supported. Not a Mac user myself but I’ve read that the latest and greatest OS doesn’t always play well with DAWs. Takes some time for devs to figure out what Apple broke and how to go about fixing it or how to make their software play nice with the newest OS.

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Thank you d4ydream!
honestly, I did not trust too much in your advice because it looked like very general tips.
But in lack of a better idea I updated AR and OB, i did not update my Mac, and after some fiddling, IT WORKS!
Greetings and thanks again


I’m happy to hear you got it sorted out! :slight_smile: