AR mk2 Syn Trig bug?

Ran across what I think is a bug tonight.

Track 4 - on Trig page I shut off the synthesis trig (leaving only sample on) but the Syn trig continues to play. No plocks on the trigs. In fact even plocking Syn Trig off doesn’t work.

However if I turn off Syn Trig on track 3 then track 4 Syn turns off (!). Also if I solo track 4 in mute mode (via rtrg&pad) Syn shuts off.

Is this a known issue? Tested same behavior on tracks 7&8 and those work correctly.

Ok even weirder: if I plock Syn off on Track 3 track 4 Syn turns off wtf. But if I plock it on on the same trig step track 4’s Syn trigs!

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