AR individual outs as triggers for eurorack modular?


Have anyone successfully managed to use the individual outs as triggers for a eurorack modular?

I have tried using various length trig samples and cranked volume and overdrive up to max but i cant seem to get it to work successfully. A few of my modules react to the trigs. But most doesn’t.

I am gessing the level from the individual outputs is too low?

Anyone have any tips?


I actually got it to work pretty good now by setting track level to max (level knob to the left of the screen). Missed turning that up to max earlier.

Lets see how this goes.


I bought these cables to trigger my modular but it doesn’t work:

Is there a specific type of cable we should be using? I have an impulse machine with the volume cranked.


These were reccomened to me by someone on here and I love them.

They should do the trick


Looks good, but pretty pricey…can’t find them in the US. Anyone else?


are you using the Impulse Machine in Rytm?



I’m using Impulse Machine on CY11 / CB12, with trigs on both Tracks. Maxed out Track volume, Compressor Volume, etc…

Plugging headphones into the “Tip” output yields no audio, and the “Ring” output has the impulse click but still nothing is registered in my modular…I have boosted the signal with a VCA and my 1U scope shows nothing. It has to be the type of cables I’m using hrrm

No one else triggers their modular?


I’ve only ever triggered my TM-2 .wav module with Rytm, but it has very sensitive trigger inputs.

Maybe it is your TRS cable that is, for whatever reason, not getting the job done. Or the female to male connection as it is a connector and not a cable? (I’m shooting in the dark, here)

Here’s a Hosa TS 1/4 - 1/8 similar to the Gentek listed above that might be worth a shot?

I have a bunch of them for my TT-606, but no modular to test them with for you.


You use those cables? I’ll give those a shot.


You could plug the trigger from Rytm into the Audio out of your modular or directly to your audiointerface to check wether the Rytm sends triggers or not.
If not, you might check the track routing and if the individual outs are activated?


I’m using the cym output to trigger my Dfam
It took some fine tuning to get it in sync. Sorry if this is useless information to you…

Edit: I can confirm the hosa cable Adam posted above works well, I have several and have used them to trigger all sorts of gear.


Ok, those cables worked…I guess the only issue is that it converts both the with the Ring / Tip to mono so you will trigger the modular with 2 Tracks. Not a big deal, but still wondering if anyone has a working solution that splits the Ring / Tip.


I pan the tracks hard left/right so I can have 1 track triggering and others playing through the main out.