AR beginner questions

Hi all,
I bought an used ar with an older firmware.
Is the actual firmware stable and commendable?

I use ableton live as daw.

I have 1.45b on my AR2. Pretty stable as far as I can tell.

My understanding is you can reinstall older firmware if you have issues with the latest beta OS so plenty of scope to experiment a bit. Are you using Overbridge? Pretty sure it’s recommended you couple the latest beta operating system with latest Overbridge 2.0.19. If that’s the route you’re go down.

Last OS with MKI. No problem, and Dual VCOs !


pretty cool!


3/4 of them!! :heart_eyes:

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Ok thank you for the feedback, i will give the newest versions of os and OB a try this evening.
Hope it works well this way at ar mk2.

1.45B here. Pretty much stable for me in studio, but it did freeze during my last gig…

Thank you for the help.
Is mono output enough or is stereo the recommendation for the AR?

I’m posting this here as it’s probably extremely easy to answer: On the syn screen on any active track, there is an option to enable LFO… am I right in thinking it enables the global master lfo as opposed to the single lfo per track?

I’ve read the manual but I’m not clear on this.

It depends on what you want. Mono for each track will give you greater control over mixing it. If you like how the AR sounds straight out of the box, stereo is fine.

Thank you, I will try some different scenarios in mono and stereo and see how both works.

As a simple first guideline, I would probably say mono in the studio (more control), stereo for live (unless going mono to a mixer).

Great, I will try out deeper at the coming weekend, thank you for your friendly help, i appreciate that. :pray:

You mean in Trig menu?
I found it usefull to retrigger a FREE lfo at the beginning of a pattern. It doesn’t work on lfos who are retrigged at each step anyway.
Maybe it works with HOLD.

After the update I noticed that the AR sounds a way more quiter, although the master and track volume are at max.
Ans idea or hint from your side for this new behaviour?
I am now at the newest os an Overbridge versions.

You mean Overbridge? If so, look for the different gain settings in Settings.

I have an issue with analog rytm and the mojave safari browser, when the AR sequencer is running and i open a new browser tab in safari several times the sequencer from the AR stops playing the Sequence.
Any sugestions or ideas?

Btw. other hardware Synth Sequencer inmy setup plays well their sequencer while i open new safari tabs.

So it’s not just an issue with the AR.
Sounds to me like it might be worth checking the MIDI devices used on your computer.
You could always disable transport on the AR (and other hardware).

Thank you for your reply Desvan.
I use the e-rm Multiclock USB and therefore I really need the transport to start stop the AR sequencer via the Multiclock USB.

The issue occur also when I disconnect the AR from the Multiclock via MIDI and connect only via USB to my MBP.

I found out that I only got the issue when I use a midi track in ableton with the overbridge VST or AU plugin active inside.
With the configuration in a Midi track as external Instruments it seems to be fine and without this issue.
At the moment I only use this single track for the analog rytm for testing.
But with the ext. instrument soultion I cant use single audio tracks for the AR pads to make seperate recordings.

In general, what is the right way to use the AR in ableton from your side, with OB or without?
I guess everyone has his own usecase but I am interisting in what is your way to perform with the AR in a DAW like ableton.