AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Could use folders (Directories) in the sample list.
128 samples are difficault to track down fast enough. one needs to have some kind of system for it like put all the kicks in the beginning, which i never seem to have :thinking:


I brought over what i do with the OT: assign 16 samples per bank. (Eg a 1-16, b 17-32 etc)


I don’t know if it was suggested but it would be nice if a new trig condition
was added, which means the trig is active all the times except the first one on 4 or all the times except the seventh on 8 and so on.


you can already kinda do this but means sacrificing a trig before the trig you wanna effect:
PRE on the trig you wanna do that to and place a trigless trig with 1:4 (or whatevs) condition before it


one thing i keep tripping up on whilst improvising; is soloing a track, or tracks, and changing the pattern and wanting to be able to mute non soloed tracks that will be active when i come out of solo, without manically trying to mute/unmute the unwanted tracks before they trigger. i know forward planning could avoid this but sometimes you forget/wanna try something new.

a solution could be that when solo is active, the function button can be used to mute/unmute non soloed tracks. currently it’s not doing anything during solo mode, probably a bastard to implement though…

anyone else would make use of that feature?


Yes I need this feature as well


i have a feeling this isn’t possible, but i’m going to mention it anyway: having triggers start/restart patterns (or even more unlikely, start patterns from particular trigger points) would be absolutely game changing. can do this with external control of course, but being able to do it on-machine would be amazing.


Somtimes I wish there were a trig condition with a last funktion which activates a trig before the pattern changed. :grin: And an additional pattern mute mode like the purple and green ones on the Digitakt and Digitone.


Since the Rytm‘s pads (that is at least my experience with the MK I) are not that overwhelming: Why not include a software option to be able to use pads as dedicated track select buttons. Without triggering the pad‘s sound?

With this, you wouldn’t need to hold FUNCTION plus pad to select a track.


you can do this with a ‘neighbour’ trig
so set 7:8 to the neighbour
and then ‘dont play if neighbour is played’.

but it will be nice if it has your option in it.


The ability to assign a sound via scenes would be great. I tend to iterate and make new kicks etc and save them to new sounds. It’d be so sick to be able to say this scene changes the current kick to xyz to help blend when transitioning patterns of different parts of a set. Currently you can do it by setting up a scene with locks to modify the drum to the next sound which isn’t the worst but could be so much better.


Could be possible to add a shortcut function like “full velocity” when hit a pad? Especially when sound designing and sequencer is stopped I’m hitting continuously the pad to hear the sound that I’m shaping.
Would be amazing if I could have a “locked” full velocity response hitting softly or simply touching the pads, without having to switch all the time ON/OFF the “Velocity to Volume” or using the FUNCTION+PAD combination, or hitting the corresponding trig button (these two combinations plays the sound at the Velocity level set on the trig page…not full level).



Do you have a mk2? There’s a “FIX” button above the pads that does this


Sorry mate, I didn’t report my machine.




Possibility to record TRC in Live Recording.
A midi CC for external midi control of TRC : it would act as M:S Chance, with Control All possibility (all tracks on the same channel).
Other parameters from Trig Menu can be recorded.

Copy a track perf parameters to other tracks.

This, with also TRC, Velocity and Aftertouch as lfo dest.

Multimap, machine changes record in Live Recording.


I’m just going to really put a Hope and a Dream out into The Universe for assignable LFOs on the Analog Rytm. Basically, I wish the way the LFOs on the Machinedrum functioned were the way they functioned on the Analog Rytm.

I don’t know if it’s at all possible with the Analog Rytm’s architecture, but it would be life changing! I think the LFOs on the Analog Rytm are digital, so I imagine that this is theoretically possible. But there are so many times I wish I had multiple LFOs for a track, and often times the LFOs on other tracks go unused and wasted because I don’t need them on that particular track.

So that’s it for my realistic feature request. My more fantastical request would be to get the Monomachine BeatBox drums/samples on the Analog Rytm somehow. I actually thought that some of the BeatBox sounds were really unique and it’s one thing I really miss about my Monomachine!


Was just about to type something very similar…


A proper display of the compressor level on both the led and overbridge would be nice.


Just buy an OT, set it up to control the RYTM, and voila!

…easier said than done!
Should work though, right!? I’m going to try this out tonight.

But yeah… that would be sick!


You mean like fixed velocity? That’s already there right?