AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


This might be covered in the manual, but no access to a computer now, and not for a while, and search function in the pdf app i have on my phone is shit. So.

Is there any way to preview an LFO destination for longer than whatever the default is? It’s so annoying to sit and listen to what lfo destination might be good, and then the machine just decides “yes, since you’re not doing anything, I’ll decide for you”. Lots of the Elektrons does this, and its a bit of a bugger!

Anyone know how to just get rid of the preview exit time and let me decide for myself which destination to choose, regardless of the preview time I’m taking? :slight_smile:


The rate at which the destination menu disappears is a common complaint and feature request for AR (and its stablemates) - my feature request is that the selection point that was closed down is the new temporary start point

e.g. There’s 70 parameters to choose from

You scroll to parameter 40 and audition for a brief moment and then the menu vanishes, now when you try the destination dial the selection begins back at zero instead of where you left off - this would mitigate the speed of the menu vanishing

The general feel of this UI aspect is clearly not for some, it may be fine for others, but I doubt there will be customisable timeouts, the best hacky ‘preview’ technique is to change permanently and change back - I’d settle for an extra second or so on the timeout


Ah, yeah, I was thinking that too, “at least the destination should sort of land on the one you’re currently at if it auto chooses”. It always rips me out of the flow when this happens, quite annoying!


Dearest Elektron - PLEASE update the AR so that we can switch tracks with a single button press!

It would make programming the AR much faster and more enjoyable. And, I think it would be relatively simple to program/implement.

The more I use my AR, the more RSI I get from constantly switch tracks using the button combination.

I would happily pay for this. Heck, if you make it a MKII feature only I would order a MKII.

Couple ideas for implementing:

  1. When grid record mode is disabled, make the first 12 TRIG keys switch to the respective track.
  2. Use another button combination to enter “single button track switch mode” (as described in #1) while grid record mode is disabled, like on the OT when you hit FUNCTION + DOWN it changes the behavior of the TRIG keys when grid record mode is disabled.

All my other Elektron machines have dedicated buttons for switching tracks. I really miss this on the AR.


A quick reminder to everybody that this topic is for discussion amongst ourselves about potential feature requests.

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I’m not sure if you mean one hand or one digit, but it’s fairly easy with one hand imho, it’s really not even close to a stretch if you put your left pinky on the track button and choose a track with your thumb

All I’d add to this request is that the Digitakt changes focus to the last track played - there is absolutely no reason why the AR can’t be configured to do this too

In my book it’s a no brainer that you’d usually want to tweak the last sound played and I fall foul of this (expected behaviour omission) time after time after time - it should be a user selected option though (i’ve previously suggested a neat way to toggle, Track + Function (different from Function + Track of course, timing is everything)) This way the UI follows the last manually played track/pad (it doesn’t follow the sequencer)

This would make setting up the balance between a kit so much easier, it’s a total faff right now - it also allows quick one digit track selection :thup:

Just Do It :3lektron: :fury:


OMG. Yes. Changing focus to last track played would be perfection. Thanks for that.

I edited my OP. I didn’t really mean to say “one hand.” I meant “one button press.”

  1. A mixer mode similar to digitakt and A4(when in performance mode)

I know only 8 knobs but could use up-down arrows to move up and down a row.

Its a bit fiddly having to choose track then use its level knob if you want to fade in a sound.


Thanks. I emailed Elektron.


Negative accent

right now the accent can be 0-127 thus only adding trig value to the steps.
Id would like to be able to attenuate steps (basslines, low toms) that collide with the kickdrum.
Using PLOCKs takes too much time for me

So it would be nice to have an accent range from -127 - 127


omg yes


And u know this :wink:

Would be a easy feature to add i think.


don’t know if this has been said before, but quantized retrig when holding a pad while the seq is running would be awesome to play with the dual vco in chromatic mode.

This feature is killer on the tempest or ableton push and many others


you mean the feature that was teased in early versions of the manual but never implemented?




This is the only thing keeping the Rytm from perfection, imo. Other than this (and sampling on the MK1 units), it’s the Digitakt sample engine with analog filters, overdrive, and compression! (not to mention the analog synthesis engines and outputs…)


step loop feature, as in this video :slight_smile:


Do you think analog rytm could have same sampling possibilities as digitakt?
At this moment it feels like downgrade version of digitakt when it comes to sampling. I shouldnt be that way because analog rytm costs mycke pengar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i wish they update it.


MKII has sampling enabled.

In my experience, because of the limited memory I imagine I would fill it up pretty quick if sampling was enabled in my MKI. I had Strom for the iPad but filled it with crap so quickly. Just did a full wipe and started again, and now much and sounds with more purpose to what’s needed.


Aaa :smiley: sorry, i ment to say that the sample editing aint same in rytm. In digitakt there is more options to it, like loop isnt just on or off, more modes to play sample(forward, backward, loop different ways etc). I hope those things could be possible in rytm also.