AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Should be, or can be?
Are you saying we can make them with scenes(which yes, is useful), or that the scenes should somehow be different involving mutes?


Should be, it is a great performance feature, so I think mute states should be able to be saved in scenes and/or perfs.


I sent it in as a feature request about 3 years ago, but it would not hurt to request it again :wink:

When I first got the Rytm I was super stoked for scenes expecting mutes to be implemented, as on most other gear with scenes and mutes it is standard, strange omission on Rytm I think.


Do you mean that you would like to use one Scene for muting various pads and another Scene for muting other pads?


Yes - Basically the freedom to save whatever combination of mutes within any scene.


Right. I still think the Global/Pattern mute system of Digitone makes the most sense or just being able to save mutes with the pattern as an option.


I think a 1 vco machine can be very useful particularly in pad 5 6 7 8, with additional one sycle wave sample in “sub” mode


Routing metronome click only to headphones out would be nice - until today I thought that is how it works.


Unfortunatly the headphone output is hardwired to the main output. It’s not possible to route any specific sounds just to the headphone (which would have been also great for cueing some tracks before sending them to the main output)


Thanks for the reply. It’s pretty disappointing information. I often need to play synth before I start drum pattern and I don’t think that audience would be interested in metronome sound :wink: Is the same case with octatrack?


On the topic of BPM on the AR2, Elektron need to fix the encoders. It takes 30 seconds of knob twisting to be able to dial in the tempo by just a couple of BPM’s. The encoder knobs badly need updating.

BPM issue on Rytm MK2

Dumb question: tried pushing the encoder while rotating? On my AR i can dial from low to high in a breeze


It isn’t that. It’s nearly impossible to dial in small increments (1 or 2 BPM’s) without the BPM’s changing in big increments. I believe this was an issue with the Digitakt’s encoders as well, but was eventually addressed/fixed in a software update.


I go to perf mode, hold a perf pad, exit perf mode, it’s locked at that level.

Request: When I go back to perf mode and press the pad, the press doesn’t change the value till the pressure matches what it was locked at.

If you’re 60% pressed and come back to it, its hard to not lose the vibe.


Noise generator from A4 ? It would make sens to have a more flexible noise generator imo.


Hey fellow coders at Elektron, please consider…

  1. A new sensible LFO mode: Start when I hit play with the start phase, and then run freely until I press stop
  2. Accessing the Plus Drive like an ordinary USB drive
  3. Preview samples just by scrolling onto them
  4. Automatically cut beginning and end of samples according to a threshold
  5. 8 additional MIDI tracks. Hey, OK, you got your wish, I ordered an additional Digitakt. I still would have liked not to buy another peace of gear. If you simply copy/paste the code, you would add such a lot of value to the Rytm you could sell it for more money

Thanks for reading, cheers





I would love some way to visually see the L/R levels of the Ext Ins with some sort of meter someplace.


High resolution values for Amp Envelope parameters


As much as I’d love to see some sort of base/width filter for the sample playback portion to help facilitate quick & intuitive layering of samples with analog sounds, something I’d like to see even more is the ability to choose whether the sample playback portion bypasses the filter and/or VCA.

That would allow the ability to focus only the analog section to be a transient or other portion of the percussion’s impact for layering. The DSI Tempest has a feature like this.