AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


I read about those apps and it seems that they are great. Problem is, that I am on Windows 10 and cannot use them. Hope that the new sample transfer app at least improves one vital part of the Rytm.


I’m interested in seeing that as well!


Right - I really wish we could modulate these depth knobs. Even if only with just an external device sending CC, but alas… it’s not on the table.


I haven’t quite made it all the way through this thread yet, but I’m going to go ahead and mention a request — if it’s already been made, just count this as a bump:

I don’t disvalue the performance macros/ scenes, but they (as they are currently implemented) don’t exactly foster ‘happy accidents’ as everything must be premeditated/ intentionally programmed, etc.

If it were at all possible to generate random macro/ scene assignments, I think that would go a long way to subsiding the flood of users calling for Control All to be implemented.

Or perhaps provide us with either a preference in settings or a button + pad combo that would override any existing assignments to make way for pre-programmed macro/ scene routings for manipulating certain params throughout devices. (The obvious continued downside is that the macros are only unipolar so you can’t have one macro controlling master pitch up and down, etc) idk. hmm.


I think the randomly generating anything idea isn’t likely to be an internal feature for any elektron’s devices anytime soon. It’s just not their style. In the meantime given enough midi control one could make their own. Scenes and performance settings might not be something you can modify via midi, though


You can control or randomise velocity and aftertouch assignments, performance macros and scenes by sending kit sysex dumps. I use Max MSP to do that stuff.


I keep meaning to buy Max -shakes head- I staved off this last 25% sale because I feel like 8’s coming this year, and it seemed wisest to just wait and buy it then. -nods-

Couple more things:

  • If I can externally modulate CC #15 to swap synth engines, it would be REALLY nice to be able to do the same with Scenes.

  • Modulating velocity modulation depths with Performance macros. (would be super slick)


Active scene cc#92


You’ve misunderstood me.

I was suggesting that I’d like to be able to swap a machine (or more) when enabling a scene. -nod-

My reasoning for mentioning the CC value was to note that it’s designed to be a source for modulation/ adjustment. Why shouldn’t it be fair game, internally?

Contrast this with something that doesn’t have its own dedicated CC value:

  • velocity modulation depths.

  • track routings – though how dope would it be to be able to shut off dry signals with scenes?

  • etc.


I think you’d like Max MSP, you can make anything you can think of…


so called PUREDATA.


lmao, I know ><. I took a couple classes on it in school and loved it. Like I said, I really don’t know why I havent purchased it yet. ><

Alright. This one I’m quite fervent on:
Make velocity an LFO destination. I know I’ve been able to modulate the velocity of a track with CC #4 before. If they let us do that, we could use an lfo to control up to 4 params at a time.


Now that DT is out… give us a MIDI machine! :wink:


Love this idea.


It would be… PERFECT!!!


And sampling, please!

  • Adjustable pad lights (so AR is better usable in direct sunlight)
  • Smaller increments on sample start time (perhaps something similar to the recently added LFO functionality could be possible?)
  • Multiple LFO’s per channel (in some shape or form)


Note Slides!

The BD Sharp machine does a nice job of masquerading as a 303 if you set it to waveform 9 and add on some overdrive and, of course, some resonant lowpass filtering. The missing piece holding it back from true 303-ness is the fact that the sequencer on the AR doesn’t do note slides, only parameter slides. I tried programming the melodies with the tune parameter which does give a semi-workable result but it’d be easier to just tap a melody in using chromatic mode and apply the slides like you would on the A4. I use the AR voices as synths very often so this would be a handy feature for me.


A way to see how much space is free on the +Drive. It’s no fun playing guess work hoping that it won’t get filled up before adding more samples and/or going folder by folder and counting up manually. Seriously… :diddly:


This has probably already been covered on one of these, but I’d like to chime in with my 2 cents.

I’d love to have a separate modulation page accessed by pressing the LFO button a second time. The idea is that there you would have two rows where you could select a modulation source between the envelopes and lfos (maybe even from other tracks?), a modulation target, and a bipolar amount. The fourth knob could maybe be an offset?

I think that would add some cool possibilities.