AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Computer Based Content/Sample/Pattern Management :heart_eyes:
would be awesome…


The only thing I want to see updated on the AR is easier, more immediate access to the velocity and aftertouch modulation pages. These are powerful features that require a fair amount of fine tuning to get just right. Unfortunately they are a couple menu layers down, so there’s a good amount of superfluous button pressing to get parameters just right when toggling between the parameter pages and modulation pages. This is, to me at least, an unfortunate impediment to the overall workflow of sound design. Ideally access to these pages would be similar to accessing track setup - [FN + trig/setup]. Since [FN + any other page button] brings you to the sound settings page, any 2 of the page buttons could easily be commandeered to create shortcuts with the FN button to the modulation pages.


Agreed, I feel a lot of users probably miss this, stuff like re-trigs with velocity ramps and modulations are amazing.


Idea inspired by @panelist (I think it was the use of more immediate access line):

When in Scene/perf page, being able to hold the Function button and alternate between the pages. A way to sorta merge the pages into a one page functionality and releasing the function button to return to the original page.

Also, the ability to change tracks without having to hold the track button down(I know I mentioned this already, but it means that much to me)


I feel there are some places where functionality could be doubled up to assist in live playing at least. I pretty much never use the trigs instead of the pads to play/audition voices, they could be used for mutes when on other pages. Preferably as an option so that it doesn’t break anyone else’s workflow. Juggling between Scene/Perf/Mute pages live can be rather hectic and also stops you doing certain things like hitting mutes/scnes while you’re doing the claw hand with the perf page.

I’ve resorted to using an external controller to deal with this, but something simple like assigning Track + Mute/Scene to activate these on trigs could work. While there is no silkscreening for these potential functions, we could have flashing LED on the corresponding page.


Oooh! Good point! Okay, “function” brings up the alt performance screen, and the track button brings up the mute screen. Everything can be done from the unit.


I already did (and yes it fckin rocks!) but I mean Ctrl-Al TRACK, as on the Machinedrum, so it’s possible to do that awesome trick


What’s the difference between cntrl all track va normal control all?


On a ctr-al trk you can realtime record step automation, and then muting/unmuting the playback of the track unchain crazy stuff. It’s a bomb, the happy accident party, and that’s why I still think MD is da beast


Whoa! That is BRILLIANT! That might actually make me want to not sell my MDUW!



Try it - quite similar to AR scenes when you mute and unmute the crt-all track but more random. also try doing the mute and unmute trick with the crtall effects track.


I am sorry if someone mentioned this before, but is it possible to have a Cntr all function (like the digitakt has), i am aware of the mighty STROM app, but it would be awesome if elektron implement this function in the next OS update !



Could what? I’m sorry I don’t understand why I was summoned. :flushed:


Some Control - All machine would be awesome, provide an alternate use for a choke voice so both uses can exist in harmony

To dream is the penacle of humanity…


Change start/end sample params for start/lenght à la Digitakt and add a legacy sample mode option.




Would be sooooo easy for chains ! Seems to not be complicated to implement !


that would be absolutely wicked. I’m trying to resist the urge to buy clouds and other modular gear


The sad thing is that most of the features are so basic and easy to program, the only reason Elektron did not implement them is because they do not want to. I am a huge fan of the Rytm and use it on a daily base since sept 15, but everytime I want to set the length of a longer sample, being stuck to 127 increments drives me crazy. There is so much potential left, hope they at least give the feature more attention in the future, before os support runs out. I am still waiting for a Rytm Version of the JJOS though, that would be mindblowing.


Ha! The JJOS was a programming anomaly. The closest thing you’ll get is if @Void makes another app for the RYTM(which if you haven’t tried Strom or SDS Drop I highly recommend it-they don’t meet the request in your comment but they HIGHLY enhance the capabilities of the RYTM)