AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


I know this is bound to be going over well-trodden ground, and may not be the correct place to ask, but have any Elektron people ever publicly discussed the posssibility of MIDI control of external gear for the Rytm? Or categorically stated that it will never happen?


If it makes you feel better, I don’t think they’ve ever stated it’s not going to happen. It’s still not going to happen :wink:


You have to buy the upcoming $600 drum sampler box for that. No way that feature could have made it in the $1500 high end model of that same idea… :unamused:


I hope for resampling and midi out for rytm


Try samples of spring reverbs and space echos and use the delay and reverb sections - use overdrive and have it as a dub backing track and blend it in
You could also send this track out and back into the AR for more feed back
Also run the noise synth options into the delay
Plocking delay is also always cool


I’m dying for a humanization function. It can’t be that hard to have a menu option that humanizes (velocity + micro) each trig…it seems like a no-brainer


I d like to have the names of sound patches inverted once you change any of those settings (that differ from the save state)

jee hard to explain.

so… lets say you named a patch CowBell … then you tweak it till it sounds like a synth patch. I d like to see immediately on the display that I am not in the original save state sound anymore … on AR and A4.


retrig rate of 1/128 and 1/256


A way to clear locks on a certain parameter…

or is there a way yet?


It’s existed since day one …

No[reload] + Push Encoder of parameter during Live Record



sorry for being redundant, the manual is quite long.



So along with retrig rates of 1/128 and 1/256, it would be really fantastic if you we could add retrig scenes!


Under the master sequencer page where you see LEN, CHNG and the speed, I would like an offset value, so you can have the length be something small and then navigate your “pattern space” using the offset

  1. ramdom pattner creation like tr8
  2. random sample select from a folder to import in a project (example: i’d like to select 10,15,32,64,100,128 samples from a folder with random selection)


If you have an iPad, you can get Collider or Strom and they can randomly create patterns(and kits)


i don’t have ipad ,at the moment i use ableton live with a my max patch to generate drum pattners when i need…but would be cool to have in the box like tr8
generate random kit is amazing,is there anything like that for android?i’ve load a lot of samples in AR but selection is not really fast and fun :slight_smile: (else need to wait they implement drag and drop from OB)


I don’t think there’s anything for Android. Strom and Collider were just projects from forum members. Elektron just brings out the best in people


if you use M4L, your are going to be in for a treat in the future! Void’s cooking something real tasty :heart_eyes:


can’t wait to see what he’s cooking so :smiley:

my device is very simpe pattner gen ,i send the 12 pad notes into AR and recorded into it with live rec …then i enjoy with parameter lock function :slight_smile:
at the moment i try to randomize 128 drums/percusison samples (live rec and sample select menu) with a 8 step lengh to generate some techno grooves,really not bad ,this machine can do all what i do wit live :smiley: ,love it!


really? M4L AR- that’s great news. my ipad is busted and i dont really want to buy another one as i’m sick of apples crap.