AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


You can kinda do this with micro-timing and /Pre conditions, right?


Why not just p-lock the LFO’s waveshape (to random), trig mode (to HLD), destination (to whatever parameter), and depth on the steps where you want this effect? (Just copy one step’s LFO page around if this sounds like too much work for multiple steps.) The difference here is that the random waveshape is bipolar, so it will swing both above and below the baseline level.

I’d rather see Elektron add a rectification (maybe a 3-way switch between “off”, “half-wave”, and “full-wave”) toggle on some secondary LFO page (:pray:) so you can get this very specific type of modulation as a bonus on top of the generally useful ability to derive new unipolar LFOs.


Not sure why they couldn’t make it happen if it’s for technical reasons. Anybody know? It would just be additional programming in a new OS, right? This isn’t a case like routing limitations because of hardware design or reaching processor limits, correct?

It would be a shame if we’re limited to max4live solutions, as these days I mainly use Rytm on the couch when I can’t be arsed to boot up the computer after using one all day at work.

I think the mad scientists could come up with something brilliant for randomization features. If it’s a philosophical reason, then okay, that’s Elektron’s prerogative. But I feel they would be missing out on a lot of fun.

Does anyone know if Elektron has ever spoken about randomization?

I do have the feeling there are some Elektron users who view things like randomization as cheating or something (and live acoustic drummers would laugh their asses off at this, I’m sure). But just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to use it. I feel like once you take a step into the wilderness of using Trig conditions, why not go all in and cook up some nifty randomization features for Rytm patterns, tracks, machine parameters, etc.? Besides, most people that use randomization on patterns always tweak the living hell out of it afterwards anyways. It’s just a fun starting point and inspiration tool. I know I always enjoyed it back in the day using Reason’s Redrum.


Hear hear :thup:


I don’t know if this has been requested yet, but there should be a “undo” function or some kind of edit buffer, in case you accidentally hit “Reload+Kit/Pattern/etc.” and ruin two hours of good work. It can be hidden in some sub-sub-sub-menu, as long as it’s there…


A dream come true would be having a synth engine to use as a sample layer and turns the synth page into a duplicate sample page. SAMPLE LAYERING!

Please do this Elektron, I would love you forever <3


Back to back AR request from me, eh? (I’m a jerk)

You know how, in chromatic mode, you can hold down the trig and select which note you want to lay down?

My request is, when you’re programming notes onto the sequencer(on normal mode) if you could just select which voice you want to plug in. I like the notion of popping trigs onto the sequencer, but having to switch tracks to complete an idea feels counter-intuitive(I understand this is a first world level problem, and I don’t mean to come off as bitching about this wonderful machine, just that I would be really, really, really excited if it were possible to streamline plugging notes in.)

Thanks Elektron, you guys are great! Hope to try that Heat out soon <3


maybe it’s just me - but i don’t follow what you’re after here - you can select tracks by Track+Pad even whilst in Chromatic Mode - is this not streamlined enough ? - even re-reading, i don’t quite follow what you’re suggesting fwiw


Like holding down a trig, and selecting which voice holding the trig down instead of track.

Furthermore, can anything be considered “streamlined enough” in the 21st century(I live in a big city)


Hmm, Less clear now … Let’s not derail the thread, but if an idea isn’t clear enough (not that anybody officially reads this thread btw) then it’s less likely to happen, even if it’s a good 'un … maybe i’m just slow about this

But a Trig Selected is already Part of a Track with a set Voice … how could holding a Trig on SD2 Track e.g. be meaningfully related/translated to another voice/track … it sounds like a very esoteric illogical idea (unless i just don’t get the gist of it)

On Topic :

Track Selection Follows playing

I’d like the option to have Track Selection follow the last struck Pad, that way, the sound you last heard is always the one with the page open to adjust the parameters, seems like a no-brainer to me

Method :  (including a Menu option In Track/Global etc)

Track + Function (brings up the [x] toggle for normal/last
Double Tap Track


Using samples as modulation source to shape the analog voice would be super + 1000.


You’re method definitely sounds more legit. Naturally, I feel there are perks to my idea still. I guess I mean turning the sequencer into a master sequencer, like the head of a hierarchical graph that defaults to the selected track. So plugging notes in will automatically go to the selected track, but you can trickle down the notes to various voices down.

Basically the gist of my idea is to map out the rhythm as a single line, opposed to having to jump to different areas of a grid. (I really need to learn programming, because I feel this is a worthwhile idea enough to geek out for hours to build it)


That could really open up some options. I’d also love to have constant time portamento for sampler and some of the analog voices.

Biggest desire for me is sampler modes. Would love a better way to handle sample chains. The current offset method has some interesting applications but does not feel very immediate.


Would love to see this happen. It would be similar to Ableton Push (which, iirc, also has a little icon user can click to enable/disable this functionality). I use Push for drums a lot, and I’m always screwing up sounds on the Rytm because I am so used to thinking the last pad I hit is the active voice. Track + Pad always seems a bit clunky compared to Push, imho.


Saying here makes no difference - tag that product comparison feature request on to Elektron support the next time you need some actual support; it’s a simple consideration, but has significant benefits if you like to tweak and fine tune, especially when configuring kits - it’s a low hanging fruit that everyone can enjoy

Even, at a push (no pun intended), it’d be handy (as an alternative user option) if the voices could actually sound when you kept the Track Button depressed and selected tracks … same end game, what you hear is ready to be tweaked :thup:


THIS. my #1 request. would be so incredibly useful live and probably very easy to implement. my thought for how it would work would be holding retrig and pressing any of the trig keys, setting that as the last step. so that eg the 5th trig key would make a 1/4 bar loop… and ideally, it would only be active while these keys are held down, with the pattern resuming its normal last step on release.


I think this will be part of next add on device


no understanding of the OS architecture here, but being able to assign perf pads to the scale page to vary step length and master tempo divisions with pressure would be satisfying.

also “scene slide” option… (maybe this exists if slides are enabled on trigs hit during scene swap, i need to try).

and haptic feedback trigger pulses on the pads in mk2. :loopy:


I love my Rytm and I use it primarily for it’s Analog Drum sounds.
For the Sample layer Elektron created a time-based, multi-layer sample function so multilayer samples were usable. There is already a start and end function which is highly flexible already. All they would need to do is have a certain length of sample with assigned sample playback points.

When Velocity 10 was hit the sample would playback from start time A; when velocity 20 was hit a the same sample would be played back from time B; all the way to velocity 127.


I would like an option for ‘release’ as being how a mute or pad is activated, rather than when it is ‘pressed’ or struck. Dunno if that is technically possible tho?