AR > A4 mute tracks issue

hello guys im new in the elektron world and maybe this question can be stupid…
recently i’ve bought A4 and AR and i have wired with midi cable… AR master A4 slave… i have this issue: when i mute track on AR this action Mute the track in A4 too… that’s happen if i slave/master viceversa too… mute track in A4 and it mute AR track too… i have tried to deselect pad dest, mute dest, receive notes and other options… but it doesn’t change… where i’m wrong?
thanks anyone can help me :joy:

Hey, how’s it going man :slight_smile: so go into midi config, midi sync of the slave (a4 right?) and only highlight clock receive and transport receive. Next head into midi port config and make sure receive notes and receive midi cc and all that other jazz is unchecked. After all this basically the AR will just supply clock and stop and start to the a4. This is how I have it set up anyway as I don’t want the a4 sending any weird midi stuff to the a4. Just stop and start.
Although in saying that. If you want it to change programs with your AR that done very easily too

thanks mate! it works like a charm :wink:


In case of A4 configured as master, you could simply use mute destination option introduced in the latest firmware upgrade, 1.1.1:

In the MIDI PORT CONFIG menu there is now a new option, MUTE DEST, which determines whether track muting/unmuting sends out MIDI CC/NRPN.

This way no need to uncheck all other MIDI options. Not sure if there’s similar entry in the AR menu…