AR + A4 + AH + OT - audio routing questions (drives my crazy) - external mixer?


Hi guys,

I recently got my trinity setup completed - happy octatrack user <3 (so far but the device is soooooo impressive)

AR + A4 + AH + OT + Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer

before Octatrack:
everything was connected through the mixer -

AR on seperate channel - using MUTE (ALT3/4) button to route it through the AH
A4 on seperate channel - using MUTE (ALT3/4) button to route it through the AH
also friend’s device on seperate channel - using MUTE (ALT3/4) to route though the AH

ALT3/4 output were routed into AH inputs
AH outputs into seperate channel on mixer

recording was done with Zoom H6 connected to the second Main Outs - not Control Room (so “heated” sound was recorded) - so far so good.

but with Octatrack the routing drives me crazy.

I am not sure if I should use the mixer.
I would like to keep it the most flexible as possible - when jamming with friends all devices are connected to my mixer and we are going to have fun, with OT I want the option to sample all of the connected devices also.

if I am correct the only alternate output on my mixer is the ALT3/4 out and AUX SEND.

should I use AUX SEND to route devices into the OT inputs to have more flexibility?
maybe use a different mixer to achieve it?

where to put the AH with OT setup? after OT outputs?
where to put Zoom H6 for recording? recording direct from AH phones out?

or radical method (daisy chaining)
connect AR and A4 to OT inputs AB - friend’s device into CD --> OT out to AH ??

sorry to ask this but it really drives my crazy. the more I am thinking of it I don’t get it or more questions are created than solved :confused:

maybe I am overlooking something … or I got crazy thinking of this.


There are at least a dozen ways of doing it, some makes sense than others. But a common way to do it, is just to go A4, AR into ABCD of OT. Then OT outs in to AH. Record the Alt out of mixer. But if u want to keep the sound of your mixer, yeah just go with Aux send into OT.


i’ve got pretty similar setup except that instead of AR i have 0coast.
i connect 0coast to A4’ input which in turn goes to OT’s A/B. then, OT CUE out goes to AH and returns to OT’s C/D.

to me this routing has the most flexibility since i can send any part of signal to AH and resample that as well as endless tweaking possibilities.
i’d record OT’s main output

edit: btw, enabling “CUE mutes track” in personalize setting might come in handy


that is the reason I am asking :slight_smile: cause it drives me crazy. just want to have some suggestions what “could” be a good setup (depends also on the person)


uffffff! I forgot the CUE outputs … thanks! (mind blowing)


Oh G! Hahahahaha

I’m not laughing at you and your despair but because I can heavily relate to the gravity of your situation.

Shall I route this here? What about if I route that there? I feel your pain, bro. I am currently experimenting and seeing what sound best for my current routing.

Every time I have a reshuffle it always comes down to trying out the ideas I have. You’ll know the right routing after answering all of your theories or maybe before if you’re lucky.

For me, the OT is the last device before going to the monitors. That way, anything and everything sound wise can be captured. My OT is using only samples or musical phrases that I have created, your case maybe different. I also wouldn’t have my OT on the send/return as I love my reverb on that.

The OT adds a myriad of extra possibilities. I didn’t like using the main outs separately from the cue outs. I think it is best to assign the OT for a certain role and use it solely for that purpose and jam. Give it a different role sometime later and see how you get on.

On a final note, I actually lose sleep and have vivid dreams about my routing and set up when I’m having a reshuffle. Buying new gear and implementing it also hacks into my sleep. I’m going to try my very best to work with what I’ve just set up.

Back to you… I hope it all works out. I look forward to hearing your update in the near future!


I would connect the AH in the inserts or and even more practical put the inserts of your mixer and the input of your AH on a patchbay
recording input from the zoom I would connect it to the (ALT3/4)
or the tape outputs
and yes u can use the aux send to feed the OT


I connect the Digitakt to AB, the Sirin to C and
the TB Bassline over a reverb to D of the OT.
The OT output goes from Cue to a KP3 to the Mixer. Track 1 is a Thru track for Digitakt and Track 5 for my Virus Polar in Single mode.
Via Midi track 1-5 I send Prog Changes to DT,
Sirin, TB and Virus.


thanks for all suggestions so far.

yeah! it is definitely something which needs to be figured out.
with the OT I realised that there are many options to choose from :open_mouth:

that is a very good point - have to figure out

so have the AH routed back into OT - mmmmhhhhhhmmmmm, nice one!

also makes it makes more sense why lots of people are asking about routing :smiley:
my conclusion so far: try and error xD


If you already have a good mixer, keep using it. It just gives you more flexibility.

If the OT is used as a mixer, some tracks are no longer free.

It’s great to have this mixer functionality, if we don’t want to haul too much equipment, or don’t have a mixer at all.


Not as well equiped as you are, but was asking myself the same questions about the mixer. Particularly because I’m a scratcher and will upgrade my setup in order to practice some syntablism (if you’re not familiar with it here’s a quick explaination: ) . The best option I’ve found (in my particular case) would be an Allen & Heath Xone 96 mixer but it’s quite pricey. The Midi out feature is really appealing (not to mention the rest). Though, you have a very good analogue mixer already…


jepp found out yesterday - don’t like it - not really flexible.

the problem here I already have it and want to use it :smiley:

holy sh*t - that’s interessting

so for the moment I have connected AR + A4 + OUT (Main Out) to seperate channels on the mixer.
ALT3/4 is being send to CD of OT - right now I can sample everything which is (will be) connected to my mixer

AH Input is on Mixer’s Main Out - AH Output directly to monitors speakers
Zoom H6 is connected on AH Phones Out.

let’s see how long this setup will be used …


Exactly, that’s the way my OT is also connected … well … to a patch-bay, which is connected to the mixer :wink: Everything running in the mixer can be routed to one of the four inputs of the OT.


Yeah, I got it, that’s why I’ve said “you already have a very good analogue mixer” :wink:

Seems built to last to me. I sometimes wish the OT had 8 inputs and 16 tracks… :smiley:


Just an update:
So after 10 days mangling, sampling and other fun stuff I have to ask myself: why I didn’t buy the OT earlier?

From routing prospective:
I leave the Mackie mixer (to much to carry) for the moment, via CUE the AH is connected and routed back into AB - that really makes fun!

AR is barely connected (don’t know why seems that I just use it for sampling at the moment) and will be feeded via Splitter (yeah I know) with A4 into CD


I‘ve been messing about with routing for much too long! I have an A4, Erebus, Nyx, Digitakt and MPC Live + a vocal mic, an SM57 for percussive sounds and my guitar next to my Octatrack. I mainly live jam with the setup.

Everything runs into an Apollo 8 with a Behringer ADA8200 on ADAT IN for additional inputs. This works beautifully but the Apollo 8 doesn’t have an iPad app nor does its Console support midi, so if I want to route stuff on the fly (I’ve set up two Cue Mixes that go into the Octatrack Input AB and CD + the MPC Live Inputs) I need to use the mouse, a touchscreen or a Softube Console One which I don’t own.

So I’ve been thinking about getting a mixer and have been oscillating between that being an analog one vs a digital one.

The awesome thing about an analog mixer is the tactility and the “fixedness” of the setup…it is what it is. But to find an analog mixer with more than two stereo AUXs, enough ins for all my jamming gear and ideally direct outs for each channel, it’s got to be a big one, which makes it inconvenient in turn.

With digital mixers, things are more flexibel, but the fewest digital mixers have a knob-per-function interface, plus they are expensive and also fairly large (unless one picks something like a Qu-Pac, Behringer XR18 etc and uses the iPad to route…still thinking about going down that route).

All of this thinking because I want to be able to isolate and sample my instruments on the fly with the OT…

Anyway, like yourself I was going back and fourth in my mind, until I sort of challenged the assumption that I absolutely HAVE to be able to sample ALL of the instruments on the fly.
I figured that actually what’s most important to me is to be able to sample my voice, guitar, and percussive live sounds on the fly. So I’ve got my vocal mic and the SM57 now routed to OT’s input A (‘cause I practically never record voice and percussion at the same) and my guitar to OT’s input B. At the same time, all three (voice, sm57, guitar) are also routed to the MPC Live’s Inputs A+B for live sampling & slicing. Additionally, I have a Cue Mix going from the Apollo into OT’s Input CD and use my iPad (extended screen) to control the Sends of the A4, NYX, Erebus, MPC Live and Digitakt to that CUE Mix in Apollo’s Console.

I set up this approach in an attempt to work out what sort of mixer (how many channels, auxes etc) I’d actually need but have come to love it as is, since I’ve noticed that I rarely ACTUALLY want to sample my synths (thanks to elektron’s awesome sequencers on the A4 & Digitakt there’s so much great manipulation that can be done already), so it’s as immediate as it gets.

What this setup now also gives me is the ability to add and use any of my UAD effects on all channels on the fly via the Console on the iPad (using the duet app). Giving up that functionality of the Apollo was one of my issues with getting an analog or digital mixer…because the UAD stuff sounds so good!

If I were to get a mixer now, I’d probably just get one to send the A4, Nyx, and Erebus into OT’s input CD as discrete source on the fly and in a tactile manner.

Long story short: test your assumptions frequently, lol, because maximum potential/optionality doesn’t necessarily translate to maximum creativity/optimal functionality. :slight_smile: