AR + A4 + AH Full 1h Techno Liveset (Video) + Setup presentation

Hello Elektronauts,

I recently played a full length semi improvised Techno Liveset here in Berlin. I used the Analog RYTM, Analog Four and Analog Heat combo. Some parts were prepared before hand, like sound design and some sequences, but I tried to prepare as little as possible and improvise as much as possible. The AR and the A4 are not pattern-locked which allows me to blend elements of each without restriction, and to change a pattern on one box without affecting the other one. I use the Heat a lot for expression as well, especially the master filter.

Here is the Setup:

The recording also got released as a Podcast with my collective Sonic Ground:

Would greatly appreciate feedback :pray:


I think it sounds awesome! Pretty dark, and i like it pretty dark…:slight_smile: Also good job on doing this on just 2 (ok, 3) machines. The start was a bit long if you ask me… I’m practicing for a techno set (2x DT, 2x DN, + mixer) en I will save your set in my list for future reference!

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thanks, glad you like it. Yeah my setup has always been very minimalist, and I’ve been even thinking lately about downsizing and doing a live set only with the rytm, using more samples and the dual vco to replace the A4, but we’ll see. Ideally I’d like to have the least amount of equipment possible. How are you routing your setup ? Do you have 2 pairs of DT+DN that you crossfade back and forth with the mixer or is everything playing at once ?

I’ve had a much more complex setup and it just didn’t work (sub37, Bass Station 2, Digitakts, and a few other synths). All routed to my DAW, digitakts sending midi CC’s to chain selectors for specific fx per track. It turned out it was way to sensitive for errors.

Now I run 2 pairs of DT+DN indeed. Kind of a dj style pingpong. But instead of mixing just 2 records, I can bring individual elements in & out and swap them out when I feel like. I use a Xone DB2 and each device has his own channel on the mixer. And although this set is much less complex, there still is a lot to play wit. Now it comes down to practicing a lot… I hope maybe in half a year or so, to do my first gig.

I find it interesting te read that you are focussing on a very minimalistic setup. What is your approach? How do you build your tracks, make transitions (and keeping the pace), drops, build ups, etc…?

As you say more complex setups are more prone to things going off the rails and losing control, which can be nerve racking when you are trying to improvise. When things are mostly prepared it’s less of a risk maybe. But that’s why I want to keep things simple, and if I can get away with playing a full liveset with only one box I would do it. The other reason is portability, less gear makes life so much easier when playing gigs.

So far my approach was to have only a few random sequences or beats prepared on the AR and A4, and to alternate focus on one box then the other when I play live. So I’ll start with only drums building up a groove etc, then slowly introduce a sequence on the A4 and strip down the AR, play around with the A4 until it’s time to fade the sequence out and focus more on the drums again, changing to a new groove and do the whole process again. Transitions are definitely something I am trying to refine within that context, because I would love to be able to fade between two sequences sometimes, which would work better on a setup like yours, or introducing a looper or an octatrack. But yeah it’s all a work in progress which keeps things interesting ;).