Apple Event

Was there anything that particularly floated your boat?

Seemed a bit muted to me but I’m mainly looking forward to the new M1X Macbook Pros rumoured for October-ish.


Im glad to see the mini got a refresh and they hadnt abandoned it. Best pad imo.


Apple events used to be big, I watch them each time.

This one , I didn’t know it was even a thing.
I’m also waiting for new mac to appear. There’s a 0% finance scheme with my name on it. Somewhere.


I was reading that … it made sense. :grinning:

Felt like I was whinging lol

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The iPhone 13 pro Max battery life looks like a big update. I’ll be trading in my iPhone XS for it and the battery ratings will effectively double. And that’s rated battery life. My XS is down to 82% battery health so the difference should be even larger.

Also the new cinema mode on the 13/13Pro means I can sell my old Canon DSLR, as I was using it for bokeh IG content that the 13 will be good at.
The macro capabilities are also appealing.

I know it’s an incremental upgrade. But most folks who just finished the last payment on their previous iPhone are coming from an X, XS, or 11, and for us it’s a noticeable jump.

I’m going to get the Pro Max 512GB. Opting for 512GB so I can really take advantage of the video capabilities. Will also be the biggest phone I’ve had, but I’ve been reading more ebooks on my XS lately so looking forward to the larger screen.

Considered the 1TB but I’d rather put that $5/mo difference toward AppleCare+

The funny thing is after trade in $700 credit for my XS with ATT, my bill is going to go down $10.55/mo


I might cop the $299 ipad (ed discount) for patch base synth editor stuff, is there any reason to think the cheapo ipad would be underpowered for editor duties? It doesn’t seem too complicated but I’ve never tried it in person.

I’ve been on the Watch for two years now. Won’t upgrade to 7 but with that said, should my current one break, I’m getting a new one. It’s helping me stick to my health routine.

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I jumped off the upgrade train years ago , currently on iPhone 7


It’s probably ok but when you download aum and other apps you’ll definitely use it for audio , fx , sample mangling, it’s very good for that.

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Yeah, as far as phones go, I’m still on the SE. New phones does not excite me. At all.


I’m on iPhone 6 Plus - a refurb that I got after my iPhone 5 turned off permanently while I was walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostella (Camino Frances route). The iPhone 5 was in an Otterbox case sitting in my pocket all day, every day. I guess it overheated by being inside the Otterbox as I walked at least 8 hours a day in the sun.

I only pay attention to latest iPhone releases when my current one is started to misbehave - like losing its charge faster than normal and stuff like that.

Would also prefer a model that can fit in my pant pocket. I don’t want to have to bring a messenger bag/backpack just to carry my phone.


Would also prefer a model that can fit in my pant pocket. I don’t want to have to bring a messenger bag/backpack just to carry my phone.

That’s where mini 12 and 13 come in very handy. I hate huge phone so i never upgraded my iphone 5s until i saw the mini ones.

I could see trading my ipad mini in for the new one just because of being able to use the newer apple pencil, the gen 1 apple pencil is annoying as hell to keep charged.

It took me a moment to realize what you meant by “mini”. I would consider them normal size rather than mini, and Pro to be oversized.

They look reasonable in size, although I’ll see what they look like in the store. Actually smaller than the SE

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Same. I hate big phones so stuck with the OG SE until they released the 12 mini, mostly for the camera upgrade. I miss the button and headphone jack, but otherwise it’s pretty cool.


the iPad mini’s have always been my fav so that was cool but I’m not in the market for another one yet, waiting on those new MacBooks as well

the mini is the perfect iPad for the patterning app

the 6plus is my fav, I’m on a 12pro now but I still keep the 6plus on the faceplate of my midi controller for app shinanigans, battery life is almost non-existent so I just keep it plugged in most of the time, if I don’t it’ll be out in less than an hour

I might upgrade from iPhone X to 13 Pro, honestly pretty much entirely for the cameras.

Really would love to have that wide angle and the new telephoto seems great. I’d have to see the quality in person to say for sure but honestly I think they’re now at the stage where it could replace my proper camera equipment for 99% of holiday shots. I’d probably keep it all but could travel light a lot of the time, possibly also bringing my Fuji X100T just because taking photos with it is a pleasure, the new iPhone will probably beat it in quality in most regards lol.

None of the other features really matter, the X is plenty fast enough for the few things I do on my phone (internet browsing and WhatsApp mainly :joy:), but yeah, would love to have that camera.