Apple 10.13 High Sierra and TM-1 / C6 compatibility


Hello everyone, great resource here. Thanks!

So i’ve had my MD SPS-1UW+ MKII for a few months and have figured out RAM / ROM sample world. Saving kits / grooves is my next challenge.
BUT… really want to start sending samples from my computer using C6 and the TM-1 interface.

I downloaded the C6 software / plugged in all necessary midi cables in the correct ports… i then tried sending one 30 second long sample (it was an mp3 but figured out it has to be a WAV.?) - hit send and MD just said Waiting… for eternity.
This is my dillema.
Question- sample has to be under 30-40 seconds and must be a WAV. ??
also my Turbo light will not turn on at all during / throughout send process. What’s happening ? what am i doing wrong? Is my computer’s OS (apple high sierra 10.13) incompatible with my MD or the TM-1 or the C6 software?



should this dialogue box in C6 say TM-1 anywhere?
i have my tm-1 plugged into an open usb port in the computer and also have my scarlett plugged in as well. Could this be the hassle?
.maybe not… if i unplug my scarlett its still never says TM-1 anywhere in this dialogue box. Should it? thanks!


I’m running 10.13.3 and the TM-1 works.

You should see the TM-1 in both the MIDI In and Midi Out Interface boxes (under Scarlett…)

Maybe try another USB port. The TM-1 should flash if it has got USB power.


after trying two different usb cables and both usb ports on my mac the tm-1 still doesnt’ work.
guess i’ll buy a brand new cable ? I’m out of options. How is it the ports won’t recognize the tm-1?

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