Apple 10.13 High Sierra and TM-1 / C6 compatibility


Hello everyone, great resource here. Thanks!

So i’ve had my MD SPS-1UW+ MKII for a few months and have figured out RAM / ROM sample world. Saving kits / grooves is my next challenge.
BUT… really want to start sending samples from my computer using C6 and the TM-1 interface.

I downloaded the C6 software / plugged in all necessary midi cables in the correct ports… i then tried sending one 30 second long sample (it was an mp3 but figured out it has to be a WAV.?) - hit send and MD just said Waiting… for eternity.
This is my dillema.
Question- sample has to be under 30-40 seconds and must be a WAV. ??
also my Turbo light will not turn on at all during / throughout send process. What’s happening ? what am i doing wrong? Is my computer’s OS (apple high sierra 10.13) incompatible with my MD or the TM-1 or the C6 software?



should this dialogue box in C6 say TM-1 anywhere?
i have my tm-1 plugged into an open usb port in the computer and also have my scarlett plugged in as well. Could this be the hassle?
.maybe not… if i unplug my scarlett its still never says TM-1 anywhere in this dialogue box. Should it? thanks!


I’m running 10.13.3 and the TM-1 works.

You should see the TM-1 in both the MIDI In and Midi Out Interface boxes (under Scarlett…)

Maybe try another USB port. The TM-1 should flash if it has got USB power.


after trying two different usb cables and both usb ports on my mac the tm-1 still doesnt’ work.
guess i’ll buy a brand new cable ? I’m out of options. How is it the ports won’t recognize the tm-1?

Find it hard to believe there’s no solution.



ive had absolutely NO luck getting the tm-1 working on any machine, pc and osx old and new. best i could get was the tm getting recognized and then disappearing over and over


I sorted my Mac connection issues with a tm-1 firmware update found on the support page. The process might help even if you already updated to the latest version. But you’ll need a computer that detects it. Maybe there is a way to reset it or start it in recovery mode. A ticket might be needed for that.


with what OS were you able to update the firmware?


I think it was in High Sierra. It should also work from Windows running in a VM (Parallels). Hope you get it back to work, and open a ticket if you don’t. There must be some way to flash a working firmware in the tm-1.


Hi try to uncheck the sampling options the handshake etc weird but in my case this cause problems with mac and tm

and make shure both cables are conected for the Turbo best! R