Appelwein and green sauce. Anybody from Frankfurt here?

Always looking to network or maybe collab. Maybe there are some other people here from FFM

Not Frankfurt but Mannheim which isn´t too far away… and I like Äppler sauer gespritzt with some Handkäs mit Musik. This combination might result in some sample worthy sounds on the rear end :slight_smile:

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FFM and Eintracht here :wink:

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Monnem isn’t far away. Different language though. You lift things to hold them :nerd_face:

Sounds like SGE Westkurve. Happy yesterday for you then :wink:

I produce techno / house. What about you two?

I´m into Hip Hop mostly but also dig a lot of Deep House and Elektro and that´s what I´m trying to do with my gear.

I actually plan on trying to make some seed like beats in the near future. I friend of mine loves them and is not into techno / house. I wanted to present him something he might like for a change. maybe Ill come back for your opinion or some questions. would be new for me