Anyone want to start/participate in an artistic collective?

sorry in advance if this is long-winded. i came up with an idea over the weekend and i’m curious to see if there’s any interest from anyone else.

i’m thinking of a really small scale chamber of commerce set up for music and art. the rough idea being get a small group of maybe 5 or 6 people together. a couple of producers with similar musical tastes, an engineer (position probably filled already, but there’s always room to be flexible), an artist or two for album art/cover work/videos/etc., perhaps someone looking to work on web or social media presence, and probably a few other things i haven’t thought of.

the group could help each other with feedback and bouncing ideas around, providing skill sets that other members don’t have, and helping to cross promote and reach audiences we wouldn’t without each other. for example, if i write a track and need artwork, someone more skilled than me can create it and we cross promote it; or, someone makes a video and needs a soundtrack. no obligation for anyone to do anything, but the opportunity is there if the interest and motivation are too.

this started with @sl1200mk2 on this board (it’s a bit one way at the moment as he masters my tracks and i mostly just pepper him with questions lol), but we’ve developed a really good working relationship and i’m thinking that expanding on that might be helpful.

the priority is in helping each other out when possible, supporting creativity, and develop good working relationships, with fame and fortune being an afterthought. there always seem to be posts here and on reddit for artists looking to collaborate with other artists, so maybe this could be a way of bringing a few of us together.

any thoughts? anyone tried something similar before and have suggestions?


In which City?

i’m in canada, but i’m thinking of a decentralized thing. there’s not a lot we can’t do with the internet and good communication.

I did this back in the day with friends from my home city. We were rock bands at the time with an interest in dubstep and producing electronic music and got together to pursue our electronic needs along with a veteran producer called Startslow. Basically we managed to get a monthly residency in a small club called Mr Wolfs in Bristol, UK. We were called Drawn Recordings so we mashed all of the creative people we knew and friends of friends into our nights filled with live electronica, illustrators and Graf artists that would create pieces in real time on the night, plus pens for the audience on a separate wall (always ended up with abstract art made entirely of cocks and balls, but hey ho), we also had a VJ for live visuals and an MC for introducing the acts. We would also hand-make and individually number a CD with a track from each act on the night for the first 50-100 people in the door. It was awesome. We peaked after a couple of years with a sell out performance from Hidden Orchestra before they got famous. Now, out of the four main members, one does VJing professionally for Hidden Orchestra and other things with Limbic Cinema, one (the MC) became a standup comedian, another (the electronic producer) does live jazz ensemble stuff and I’m on here loving my Elektron gear and doing lowkey hip hop and a synthwave project in Malta. So essentially, I think these things are great for collaborating and friendly competition but being a local collective is better than one spread out across the world. But who knows, the Internet wasn’t what it was now back then. Good luck and stay creative! :yellow_heart:


thanks for the detail, that really does sound good. if i were younger, i’d be all for that type of collaboration, my problem is being old and running a business doesn’t leave me with that much time to dedicate to it haha. with a few younger members that would be cool though.

i’m totally into just exploring it to see what works and adapt accordingly.

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For sure. Give it a go. Why not? Nothing ventured nothing gained. We were young and dumb but it led to awesome outcomes even if the project didn’t survive. At the end of the day, we all learned to collaborate with other people for a bigger result and so I’m sharing to encourage you to go into the big unknown and accept no prisoners. The way the internet is now it seems entirely feasible, especially if no money is expected but just mutual trust, feedback and collaboration. Sounds like a great idea :yellow_heart:

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which type of music/vibe you’re up to?

house, techno, tech house, dub, etc. generally underground electronic, either club or home listening. i’d love to have a couple of other producers that overlap, but aren’t overly similar – similar enough to be able to collaborate and provide feedback, but different enough to provide a different perspective, if that makes sense.

here’s a link to my soundcloud for a reference to what i’m into … Ekodust - Soundcloud Tracks

just to add, i’d rather be inclusive than dismissive of other styles, but at the same time a general overlap in genre is a good idea. while someone making 150 bpm acid techno can still learn from someone making pop music, it may not be the most practical relationship (although again, i’m not closed to the idea).


Edmonton actually. Where are you based?


Cool, I loved Montreal the couple of times I was there. Stereo is my happy place. :wink:

thats quite a list of nice sounding tracks, very chill out.
but its a bit too far off of my direction at the moment.

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no worries, thanks for checking it out. if you feel it might be a good fit for you down the road, you know where to find me.

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I’m open to making a contribution!

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cool, i’ll dm you.

anyone with video or vocal (singing, spoken word) experience want to give this a shot?