Anyone want to share Digitone Project/Sound files?

I recently got my hands on Granules by our beloved Ess and I’ve had a fantastic time learning the sound design techniques he used on the album and can even play it on my own Digitone since the project files are included.

Granules | Auvrel | 0-Day Sysex (

We have A LOT of talented musicians here and I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their Project or Soud files for the Digitone to share our music in a different way?!

I’ve seen a few similar threads and links to patch sharing websites, but none of them seemed to have taken off for the DN yet.

Just a heads up that Red Means Recording included the sound pack and Patterns for his album Soft Music to do Nothing To. Taught me a few things.

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a growing number of digitone patches and project files. also stuff for other synths.


I would like to share my projects!
I think that is a great way to learn.