Anyone interested in seeing inside the 32Gb Octacard?

Here’s the innards of my (dead) 32GB Octacard. Elektron are sending me a new one out, but other than transferring over the factory samples I probably won’t use one again as the failure seems to be a common fault. Anyone else had issues with the new Octacard CF card shipped with Octatrack? - #28 by lexnels


Interested, thanks for posting. Quite a lot of components on it compared to others I have seen, I wonder if the Kingston flash chip could be recovered, it would be interesting to know what component failed.

Might be worth trying a reflow, can’t see a fuse on the PCB.

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I had some quotes for recovery for around the £200 mark, which is money I don’t want to spend right now. I’m not sure I have the confidence (or equipment!) to attempt reflow of SMD components though!

I guess it depends on if you want to risk it or not, but you can reflow using a oven, or pan or heat gun/hair dryer, there are how to’s on youtube etc.

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Hey, just spotted the component marked P/LN with the designation F1, (in circle below) that is a fuse, you could try a continuity test to see if it has blown.


I’ll give that a go - thank you!

If it is open circuit (blown) then they can be bridged with a wire to get it working - but I would not recommend putting it back in the OT if you go this route, just get a cheap USB CF reader and grab the files off on your computer. That way if anything releases the magic smoke it will only be the cheap USB CF reader, not your OT.

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It’s a resettable polyfuse I believe - I’d be very surprised if it was open… when cf cards die it’s far more likely to be the flash itself imo…. (personally, I just use a high capacity sandisk one in mine)

Looks lazy