Anyone here ever done any busking with electronic music?

Does anyone prefer a particular brand of tweeter for dj-volume highs without using too much wattage? My preferred subwoofer will draw 600 watts and I was hoping to keep the tweeter under 100 watts. Do I even sound like I know what I’m taking about? Maybe I need a higher-wattage tweeter to match the subwoofer. I don’t know. What say you experts?

Anti-pop snobbery is so boring.


Anfim, thanks. I really could take a break from the hate. It’s true.
I’ve enjoyed pop my whole life though and am formed, musically, mostly by pop. Loves my Michael Jacksons, Bruno the Mars’s, lady Gagas, bel biv devos, new editions(dontfukwithme!), princes,
need I say?: daft punks.

Anti-poop! Not anti-pop. I hope you got my point though that kids could get exposure to better music if we wish. I send my nephews/nieces YouTube videos of old house tunes, disco, 90s club classics, techno, things they’d never hear on the radio or ever come across naturally. Pop is ubiquitous and unavoidable and by nature, CONTROLLED. Wake up! Cheers. I’m sure we agree on plenty.

Aaaaand amongst those artists I’ve mentioned, there isn’t one song any of them sang/wrote/composed that will stand the test of time to become what we might consider a “classic” so why should I let my kids praise them yet. Most or all of the songs are just average.

Please agree that there IS poop and then let me know if you have any knowledge on tweeters.

I’m mainly here to learn what kind/brand tweeters will sound best for my busking setup without requiring too much wattage. Do you have any intimate knowledge on speaker building or busking in general?

There’s poop in every genre and decade. The artists you mentioned all have plenty of classics already. Here’s one of them:

I don’t busk but if I did I’d be using an all-in-one battery powered PA speaker rather than separate bits. Sorry I can’t help!


You could ask dubfx on twitter or IG, he knows for sure :wink:

Ok. Sure.

Wasn’t sure whether to bump this old thread or start a new one but I’m interested to know anyone’s experiences of busking/street performing using Elektron or similar level gear?

I’ve been experimenting with various possible busk setups but the simplest/best for me seems to be one Elektron and an acoustic.

I’ve busked with a Volca before and even that seemed pretty ostentatious so possibly using an Elektron feels a bit… weird? Overkill? Been thinking about maybe disguising the Elektron in a box so it looks less flash.

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

i have played on the streets with electronic music. to keep it simple I used an mic live with a bass station powered by the mic to keep the battery issue out. plugged it all into a Bose s1 pro (battery powered) together with a mic and a guitar.
lovely setup and could play for hours without recharging. also, with the mpc instead of an elektron, the crowd understands more easily what you.
be careful though with electronic gigs. in my area rules are way stricter for electronic setups than acoustic setups. so familiarize yourself with the local rules to prevent expensive fines

mic live is mpc live in the above message. gotta love the auto spelling check…