Anyone Have Two Model:Samples?

I’m considering it in order to have one dedicated to drum sounds and the other to various field recordings. Does this sound ridiculous, given what one unit can do?

I’m sure you’ve considered options, such as a Digitakt or similar. I’m curious as to why you’re exploring this route, instead of looking for something that’s in the same vein but offers variety - like another compact, funky sampler, but not just a Model:Samples.

I can totally see the love for the Model:Samples and its immediacy, but I’d imagine that love must be so strong that it precedes the idea of remaining small and immediate in your rig and yet offer some variation from what that other device can offer.

I bought a Drumbrute Impact for the sake of variety, but it is limited to its own sounds. The Digitakt is a bit pricey and seems less optimized for a live flow (I could be wrong about this). I question the value of variety if it is only for the sake of variety because at some point it seems to become distraction. Please enlighten me on the virtues of the Digitakt for live performance (anyone).

Thanks for your reply.


For me I like variety but not for the sake of variety. I like to combine hardware that compliments each other.

For example an MPC with an sp (I have the sp404sx). MPC’s have great sequencers, can pitch samples, easy to chop samples, ect. The sp404sx has A LOT of sample memory & A LOT of effects (but chopping takes time, no real pitch feature & the sequencer is very limited). They go really well together - combine strengths!

I would get something else with the Model:Samples that has strengths were the Model:Samples lacks. Like think about features you want that the Model:Samples doesn’t have.

For example, as far as I’ve heard the Model:Samples can’t sample (samples must be downloaded/transferred) & chopping isn’t precise. So maybe getting a sampler that samples directly & has great chopping features.

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Thanks for your reply. I am leaning toward a Digitakt. I am going to start a new thread asking if those who have both enjoy the different workflows equally, more, or less.

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I do an OT and MS and I love it. I dont think I’d like 2 MS just cause neither would have an audio in, thus clunky resampling/mixing

There is another member on this forum who uses two M:S’s while performing live, and the way she’s using them is, in my opinion, super smart.

Just can’t remember the username!