Anyone got Transfer or Overbridge working with Digitone. Can't even update OS

I wanted to update to the latest Digitone software and the latest version of Overbridge 2 (even if it is a Beta). I can’t get Transfer to work with the Digitone so I can’t update the OS. When I run Overbridge with the Digitone that doesn’t work. No access to the internal audio tracks.

I have a Digitakt too and Transfer and Overbridge 2 work with that fine.

Anyone else have this issue and any workarounds?

Try to update the digitone with C6 which is available on the digitone support page.
Transfer in its current iteration is for the digitakt and rytm.


C6 works fine , haven’t had any issues for years … on old Mac OS
Not going near the new os ( all my macs are too old )

Thanks but I’m on latest Mac OS (Catalina). C6 doesn’t even run - typical! Any other suggestions anyone?

Catalina is going to break/make a lot of things not work.
A new transfer is coming.
Maybe you can send sysex via a daw but I’ve never tried it.

Or buy a £50 laptop

Elektron has recommended trying sysex librarian for Catalina users until the new version of transfer arrives.


Thanks, downloading Sysex Librarian now. J

I confirm Sysex Librarian works with Catalina. Takes about 15 mins for on OS upgrade. Also used it to add Sounpacks to the Digitone. They are non-sample soundpacks so small files. Would probably take forever if there were samples there too!

Hey MrSparks!

How did you do it? SysexLibrarian seems to send data, but my Digitone doesn‘t receive anything… I‘m a bit confused as SysexLibrarian is basically the same as C6 (which has worked flawlessly for me in the past)

For installing a Soundpack I went to Settings > Sysex Dump > Sysex Receive >Sounds> Bank E (or any bank with (256) by it meaning an empty bank). On Sysex Librarian select Digitone Out 1 in the dropdown, drag your .sys file to the window in Sysex Librarian and hit the Play icon. Your Digitone should say receiving data briefly (it happens very quick).
To update the OS, select Settings > System > OS Upgrade and you’ll see a ‘waiting for Sysex’ message. Then again, with Digitone selected in the dropdown, drag your OS .sys file to the window in Sysex Librarian and hit the Play icon. The Digitone should indicate it is slowly receiving packets of data.
Hope this helps, let me know. J

Follow this to make sure your usb midi speeds are up to snuff when using c6.

Also everyone who hasn’t yet made the upgrade should stay away from Catalina. None of the Elektron software works with it yet. Also a lot of other music software is gonna have issues. While people adapt to the new requirements.

thanks for the help! that’s what i have tried before as well, but it didn‘t work for me. will downgrade to mojave until elektron has everything sorted out. i haven‘t thought about possible issues, when i‘ve upgraded :roll_eyes: stupid me…