Anyone else had their OT mk 1 screen trolling them?

So, one of my OT mk 1s decided to play me a bit yesterday. Suddenly, it felt like splitting the screen, showing the bottom content on top and the rest truncated below.

It kept this view in the other pages as well but a restart returned it to normal.

I guess it has to have a bit of fun sometimes as well, right? :grin:



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It is, right?

Anyhow, seems to be back in old form now again :+1:

Happened more than once, I got really scared but

Reboot solves it! Uuf

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This one was even crazier - just one side?!

I believe I had mine shift to the side one time. Can’t remember what preceded it happening.

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I got this weird little fella messing up my screen once.


how did that happen? any more technical insights?

It was an Easter egg that popped up while powering on the OT on Easter the first year the OT was released. No idea if it happens every year or with the MKIIs. Same as Elvis on the Machinedrum, Elektron has never said what causes it or how to replicate it.