Anyone else experiencing long delays with elektron support


i recently got my machine serviced and the technician said that he has moved the item to accounting so i can receive an invoice. This was on the 9th of April. I made another support ticket to get and update on why i havent received an invoice, and i received an email saying that they resent email to accounting two weeks ago, but i have yet to hear anything back. Is this normal or should I be concerned. I just made a 4th support ticket, Im just confused on the delay if my machine is already fixed. I’ve been very patient but I’m getting extremely concerned/irritated now.


They’ve been doing some sort of “overhaul” on the site, there’s a chance they haven’t gotten your inquiries…

However this has been going on for quite some time now, ever since I sold a Digitone a while ago and couldn’t remove the serial number on my account directly through the site, I had to contact them… Couple that with any musical events and you’re bound to experience issues,


i just dont understand the delay if my machined is fixed already. I waited a month to even get my machine fixed (which is fine, I was completely understanding), but having to wait another month to get it shipped is simply inexcusable, on top of that i have been asking whats the issue, and i never get a straight answer.


I feel you mate, sending in an instrument for repair is one of the last things that’s ever on my list…

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Perhaps try to get someone directly… I’m not sure where you’re located however.


trust me i called accounting over 10 times they never answer. Not the type of person to go around forums complaining/spreading negativity. Would rather post my music, but im just really confused/upset. It’s like my machine is literally sitting/waiting to be shipped. Thats the part that bugging me out right now.


Sorry mate, I didn’t know it was that bad. I’d be worried about receiving my instrument back in general if that’s the case… Is it time for the pitchforks?


Sorry to hear that, send me an email with more details and I’ll look into it:


the reason why i came on here is to at least get someone from elektron to bring light into this situation, this was my last resort. Like I said, not the type of person to post negativity/complaining on forums, but imo this is not right.


No problem, that’s fair enough.


i just sent a message to that email, thanks but the fact that i had to come here just to get a response like i said is just not right to me


I’ve sent a unit for servicing through my retailer on March 12. It reached the retailers hq on March 19. One month later ( April 19 ) I requested an update on the state of the service and was told it’s in the proccess of repair still. This week I’ve been noticed that my unit was shipped and I will get it back in May 2. In conclusion in took close to two months all together. Also the retailer has noticed me before sending in the unit that The waiting time varies around 4 weeks, shipping times excluded. So I guess your case sounds normal, to me at least. It will get back to you eventually. I made the choice to not stress too much about it, only contacted them after about a month and all went smooth. Definitely now I’m excited to get it back as new! Hope you sort it out!


i just got a email saying my item shipped. I believe me voicing my concern on here helped. Suck I had to do it this way, but I was stuck in a corner.


My OT came with no CF card or QS guide in the box. Contacted Elektron and they said they’d send one out to me. That was last week. I went out and bought an CF card last weekend just so I could use the OT (not in demo mode). I’m not holding my breath…


Honestly I’d just buy one off Amazon and return it once yours comes, lol.

This is the identical 16GB card that comes with the OT.


Sorry for the delay, my throbbing head is getting over yesterday’s sporting events (come on City!)

I guess it’s a case of ‘you don’t miss what you never had’… I’ve been having tons of fun dragging my own stuff on to the new CF card as well as some loops I’ve acquired and building up new tracks on the OT sequencer.