Anyone disliked FM at first but changed their opinion after getting the Digitone?

Me. Before Digitone, I used to think FM was cold and sterile. The sound palette of this box is so vast !


Yep, that’s why it’s important to understand how FM can be so aggressive or dangerous.
Then you can use these aspects with purpose.

That being said, i’m not that ready yet to manipulate the machine live with crazy tweaks.
I’m still learning and i had a few “hot seconds” with some unwise manipulations.

what a nice feedback :slight_smile:
I also thought about that, but somehow it feels strange to me to buy the same device twice.

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You’re welcome.

I don’t have a Digitone anymore. I meant if i were to get one again ; )

That said, i’m not opposed to having multiples of the same instrument. I used to run 2 Op-1 together.

How wide is the sweetspot on DN?

Kinda small, but there’s plenty.



Edit: actually, above post describes it better :slight_smile: Huge amount of sweetspots

Answering the Title/question of the thread:



Vs. Opsix?

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I would love the hear about that as well. Planning on pulling the trigger on the opsix.

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Got to be honest, I didn’t love it, compared to, say, Dexed, or even the Arturia DX7. It was good at sounding analog (filters?) but otherwise I wasn’t really in love with it. So I’m the opposite, I LIKED FM, and the DN didn’t do it for me. (Thinking of trying in OpSix, or the Kodamo or something)


I am leaning OpSix as well. I think it’s one of the best sounding FM synths in the market right now.

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A different story about FM for me. I am coming from VCV and was using the FM-Operators a lot in my patches, but never invested time into learning all about FM. So when I started my research into FM I stumbled upon all the videos about current FM-Synths and learned a lot from Oscillator Sink, Cuckoo, Loopop, RMR and so on.

I finally decided to rebuilt the synth engine from the digitone in VCV to learn more about different Algorithms, the different approach to use envelopes for the operators and so on. I was so happy with the outcome of that patch, that I decided to look at all the other features of the DN. Now I am a happy new owner of a DN and in the process of integrating the DN into my patches (Overbridge, Midi-Tracks, Modulation from VCV to the DN, switching patches with Program Changes, controlling VCV from the DN and so on). And I am finally breaking out of the random structure of modular to a more organised workflow with patterns and maybe sometime in the future a real song…

TL/DR: Research and Love for FM got me a DN.

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Had a lot of FM synths but the Digitone is a different FM beast altogether.

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In a good way?

I don t feel Opsix hits as hard as DX7. I feel is kind of “watered” version, even though on paper has so much going.
Didn t try in person, just my feel from the demos.
I don t know it DN is closer to the DC7 power, it feels more rounder…
I am between these 2 and Kodamo…

Fm synthesis is a strange beast because small parameter changes can change the sound A LOT. Combine that with parameter locks and you get one of the most inspiring synth-grooveboxes ever made (IMO)


Back when I used a ableton, I always felt like Operator was promising. I could never get on with the interface though. I wished there was a hardware version of it.

Years later, the digitone came out. Eventually I got one. Love it. So I would have liked FM earlier if there had been anything as useable as DN. Mabe its not good enough for purists, and yes, I would like to see a dedicated pitch envelope. But it is simply a brilliant synth. I use it alot.


I love FM but I do think the Digitone has a unique sound and is easy to use. The back end is built like a typical VA with a filter, VCA, envelopes, LFOs. So you can more or less treat the FM portion as creating unique oscillators if you want a simple, familiar workflow.

Most definitely in a good way. It’s so much more intuitive than a conventional FM synth and is capable of going way beyond what people expect an FM synth to do. I’ll never sell mine.