Anybody making weird unconventional SONGS, or contemporary classical, with electronic instruments here?

Is there anybody here making weird, unconventional electronic SONGS with tools like octatrack, modular, elektron boxes, etc?

I’m really into music that has interesting odd electronic sounds, creative sound design, interesting music but ALSO sung melodies… Ideally not straight I IV V chord progressions.

So… Lali Puna, Ed Dowie, Toog, Stealing Sheep, that kind of thing. Also Steve Reich and the like.

I get that this kind of music is less popular than techno, ambient, hip-hop (certainly not criticising any of these genres). It’s also not what falls naturally out of a machine when you first start learning it. And I suspect people might feel a bit more self conscious about sharing it if they make it.

But I’d really love to hear SONGS people are making in this space! Is there a thread, or a forum for that kind of thing, that I’m missing? Is there nothing?

PLEASE, bring out your pastoral, weird production, unconventional… SONGS!


Hi! I’m actually a composer of contemporary classical music, but those compositions are entirely acoustic, but a big part of that is to find sounds and sound combinations that sound unusual and almost electronic, like

However, here’s something electronic with a recorder solo at the end of it:


I really love the first one!

Are there more people here doing contemporary classical? And ODD SONGS!!


Hard to say because these things are so subjective at times, but I definitely consider my own compositions “weird songs”. Not sure others would though!

For example:


Good thread idea.
I’m planing on bringing back my classical Kontakt/Vstis in the game for 2023.
Songs…definitely not, but weird and unconventional for sure.

Found a bit of an old project that fits the profile ( there is some very discreet electonics inside)…So The idea is to incorporate the Digitone (mostly) and other synthetics with this kind of material, but it will be more of a Classical Jazz/Electronics mix.

Here’s the “old thing”


@maymind_trax I love it! More SINGING please!

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thanks @Flymo!

The next album I’m working on (which is about 80% done already) is all vocal tracks. It’s going to be a big departure from my previous stuff. I’ve been meaning to get back to do more stuff with vocals for a while.

Anyway, I love ‘weird’ songs too; everyone’s definition of weird is different though so it’s always kind of a funny conversation to have.

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True that.

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Great, both of them! The acoustic one transported me to unknown lands, and the electronic one… I like the extreme and dark feel :slight_smile:

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I like that!

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Here’s a super old one from me (probably beginning of the millenium, if not end of the last :smiley: )


most of my output was made w/a modular. i guess sometimes it’s weird… not sure how unconventional it is. it’s electronic music.

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Just made a quick tour, but will definitely study your Bandcamp.

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I make proggy synthpop/indie pop


define weird/unconventional/odd cos that maybe some peoples idea of pop music .

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Loving this, seems to have some Elephant 6 Collective dna in it

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I like that :slight_smile:

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I tried myself on something vgm inspired

Maybe one day I will put effort into an album


I love all of this, but especially gryptych. I really really want to hear people making SONGS with SINGING and WORDS and ideally HARMONIES on boxes like octatrack, digitakt and the rest!

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Thank you! Yes, I’m a big elephant 6 fan

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