Any way to unarm a repeating record trig via MIDI?

Odd recording trig question here:

I’m recording guitar using a footswitch, playing until I get into the feel of it and then clicking the footswitch to record e.g. AB inputs at the start of the next bar (standard flex machine, not pickup).

Problem is I often get a case of ‘red light fever’ when doing this and I think it’d work better if I could do it in reverse - i.e. recording on a loop and then clicking the footswitch toward the end of a good take to unarm/disable the recording on the next cycle so it doesn’t overwrite the good take.

I can’t see a way to do this using standard or one shot trigs, is there any way to do this on the OT?

Just occurred to me that I could add a standard record trig, copy the pattern, remove the trig from pattern 2 and switch from pattern 1 to pattern 2 towards the end of the good take. A bit clunky this way but worth a try. Any better alternatives?

Switching patterns is not a bad idea.

You can also send ARM messages to arm one shot rec trigs, or rec messages.

CC53 Recorder Arm
CC54 All Arm

C4 (60)Combo rec
C#4 (61)INAB rec
D4 (62)INCD rec
D#4 (63)SRC3 rec

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I tried one shots before and they didn’t work out for me, can’t remember exactly why but might be something to do with they can only be armed once? I’m currently using the rec messages on the footswitch which is working ok apart from fluffing takes.

I’ll give the pattern switching a go for anything that’s more tricky to record using the current method, and always nice to have different options.

No. They can even be armed continuously holding yes, or sending many CCs.

I used patterns to make an 8 undo level config.


Ah cool. I’ll def try patterns for this then as it should open up more options. I’m pretty much still just using single patterns for a track and doing any editing/arranging in the DAW.