Any USA members sneaking out for the World Cup match? [ * spoilers ]


The USA women’s team play their opening match of the group stage at 20.00 uk time. I guess it’s still office hrs over in the states… just wondering if any of you guys had smuggled a tv into work or were sloping off to catch the game?


I don’t have an easy way to watch it (no cable subscription, etc.) but I do try to catch up with highlights after the matches.


I usually start watching the WWC once they are out of the group stages so im going to start later next week. I always go for brazil in womens football though.


No spoilers from myself then! It’s on terrestrial BBC 4 if youre able to get that somehow? BBC has live coverage of every game which I think is great for the game.


My partner and I took a break from work to watch!


Close match from the sounds of it…


That was rough to watch but I couldn’t stop.


i just saw the scoreboard, 5 goals for Alex Morgan geez…


Gotta feel for the Thai team but from USA’s point of view you can’t just take your foot off the gas, especially in the opening match of a tournament. Nice touch to see the team and the coaching staff consoling the Thai players.