Any issues with downgrading RYTM os?


I was going to update my AR mk1 today to play with dVCO and more importantly backup samples, but, I’ve read about some nasty bugs popping up.
The plan now is to update, back up, play a little then downgrade as I need stability more than anything. Does anyone know of/forsee any issues doing that? I’ve never tried it before.

Elektron Os update roll back

The release notes state that you should make a complete backup of all your projects before upgrading the OS. Seems that if you save a project under the new OS, it will not load anymore if you downgrade the OS.

Other than that, downgrading should be Ok and ”just work”.


Great! Thank you


Downgraded from the latest OS back to 1.3 and everything has gone. All patterns, samples the lost. Only spent about 3 hours today trying to get RYTM MK1 working. Still trying.


Oh damn, sorry to hear that. I haven’t updated yet as Im in the middle of a big project.


Hi there,

This week end I downgraded my AR mk1 from OS 1.45 to 1.3.
Before doing so, I backuped all my samples (with Transfer application) and some of my important projects (with C6).

Thend the downgrade …

As a result I still have all my project and samples in the beast, everything is working very well, especially the CHNG for my live performance :smiley:
The only problem that I figured out was that one of my project do not have any sample loaded in and assigned. This was the only project created under OS 1.45…


had the issue with downgradin from 1.45 to 1.31 - after installation of 1.31, AR didnt recognize any existed project… only presets are available
Happily that’s been solved with installation of latest firmware - everything had return to places again


Mate what do u mean “trying to get me Mk1 working?”


Just wondering why are people downgrading? Any issues? Really keen to try the new dual oscillator machine…but at the same time am also hesitant …and also if I have to back everything up, I will need to spend a lot of time backing up…not particularly excited about the idea


I just saw the bugs topic…right…I will stay put for now


I ended up updating to 1.45b. I did a full sysex backup first and very glad I did as a few projects got corrupted. Other than that, everything is working great. I spent a little time with DVCO and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a strange beast though and I found myself having to save sounds often as a few parameter changes will really make a difference and it was hard for me to get back to the exact sound I had earlier.
All in all, I’m very happy for the upgrade as I really really really needed some sample management. I would’ve done it right away but I was in the middle of a big project and didn’t want to take any risks.


Hey FreeBot777 - in what way is os 1.45b better for sample management? I’m currently running 1.31 on a mk I and am considering updating it to 1.45b.


You finally get to use “Transfer” app.
It’s a total game changer and fixes my biggest issue with RYTM mk1. I can finally backup samples I’ve loaded into the MK1 and either lost or uploaded through strom/SDS drop and had no other way to recover (SDS drop had this crazy capability of transcoding any file, literally! like drop an image or a website url into the RYTM and get some absolute chaos/weird stuff and before “Transfer” those samples lived in the RYTM with no way to get them back out).
If you haven’t heard of/used “Transfer” yet, prepare to have a wicked awesome weekend!


One day :slight_smile: