Any idea why the trig's are flashing?

Are the trig’s supposed to be flashing like this? It happens when I change parameters it seems. Not sure if it’s supposed to do this. It’s annoying to have to press them to delete in grid mode.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know MS but it’s probably parameter locks.

Clear an empty pattern and place a trig on step 1 then press function and trig 2. Trig 1 will be solidly lit and 2 will flash, it’s a parameter lock and if you just record knob movements in live record mode you will fill the track with these.

Perfectly normal and certainly covered in the manual if you search on parameter locks

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Omg, thanks. That’s embarrassing. I went through the manual a couple times before but somehow missed this.

I appreciate it.


I had the same confusion with the model:cycle!