Any Cyclists here? Show us your bike!

Wondering how many other Elektronauts there are that are into cycling?

And, if anyone else has experienced a similar level of GAS for cycling related gear as to their music gear… like I have?

My main stead at the moment is a 2020 Canyon Ultimate Disc 9.0 Di2. I’ve upsold myself over the last 3 years to this pro-level beast, but I’m an average cyclist at best- ie, it’s way more bike than I justify, but life’s too short and I love riding it (and not ever being able to blame anything but myself).

Here’s my bike then… and a pic of me on it in the hills around Girona, Spain, in Sept 2020.

Let’s see yours! :bike:


I have a single gear bike that I bought from a friend a couple of years ago. Used it to get to work, about a 15km ride every day. Now that we work from home I don’t ride it every day anymore. and I don’t consider myself a cyclist, but i like to take it for a ride one or two times a week for maybe 25-30km in around an hour each time.


Ok here you go, my Alan Super Corsa DBS (2020):

I’m a fan of the old Alans from the 70’s and 80’s (first aluminium and carbon frames ever made). Italians have “design” printed in their DNA, so most Italian bikes look really beatiful. Then I figured out the Alan company still exists and bought this one, as I really like the new and old design combination (plus the color).

(PS, I was in Girona in 2019, what a fantastic place to be for cyclists!)


Had to sell my racing bike for parts to try and keep the roof over my head. The frame was stolen from our storage locker last fall. Down to my fixie. Last work bike I had (rode a few Surly Crosschecks into the ground over the years) First shot is its current iteration, pedal missing and all as I cross-threaded the drive side cranks >.< (new ones in the mail). Second pics is days after I put it together for work. Love the Crosscheck!


I just finished building a new bike last week. I’m primarily a mountain biker and do far more of that type of cycling, but I finally replaced my aging steel-frame road bike with something a little nicer and newer. It was fun to built up from a frame! I was able to kinda get something fitting for what I wanted (comfy commuter + good on gravel roads, since I live sorta in the sticks). It’s definitely a “mountain biker’s road bike” though :stuck_out_tongue:


And it looks great! Beautiful color combination of the saddle / handlebars with the frame and tyres!

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I really like the look of those joints!

Fast bike

Fun bike

Pub bike

Shopping bike

Yep, I’m as bad with bikes as I am with synths.


Is that a Brooks Cambium saddle?
A 1x and 650b’s too… you obvs know what you’re doing. :sunglasses:

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I learned how to ride a bicycle just a few years ago, thanks to encouragement from family and my boss at the time, who himself commuted by bicycle almost every day. I disappointed my boss though by not getting a road racing bike like his. I instead bought a so-called commuter bike, because I wanted a bike that I’d be comfortable locking up outside when I feel like stopping at the grocery store on the way home, or going to a show after work. Also wanted to use panniers because being new to bicycling, and having back injury history, I didn’t want to have to carry a backpack for the entire ride.

I replaced the stock handlebar with a butterfly one, because my hands always got sore around mile 6 of the 13-mile commuting ride, from not having any alternate grip positions available. I also replaced the pedals with pedals that allowed sturdier grip to my shoes - which saved me on rainy days.

Somebody once asked me if Eventide made my bike, because I put the sticker that came with my H9 on the bike.


The fun bike looks cool… I did something similarish to this with a Giant cyclocross bike… I’ll dig out a pic…


A few things have changed since this was taken, but it’s the most recent photo that I have handy


Diggin’ this whip!

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This one… I had to keep the tyres below 28psi to not rub against the frame… so not advisable but looks/feels great.


there are way too many bikes in my house. unfortunately, i don’t have any pics handy. my main road bike is a parlee z5i. riding it is like having an out of body experience.

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Bought as a commuter/adventure bike just before Covid hit, so has been a purely adventure bike ever since.

Contrast sidewalls ftw


This is my racer.


It’s how every good pub bike gets to die.


My fast bike :purple_heart:

I’m currently finishing the bike I built for my wife, 90s Peugeot frame (funnily same colour as mine) and some nice-ish parts. Only needs bottom bracket and crank and then we’re ready to enjoy the rainy cold summer together with matching bike colours^^


It is a cambium! C17, and the bar tape is the cambium stuff too.

I definitely was jonesing to get rid of my last front-derailleur, since all my other bikes haven’t had one for a while :smiley:

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