Another Send FX question

I am sorry if this has been already covered many times before, but I am still a bit confused even after watching some tutorials about that subject on YT.

I want to use the Cue output as a independent send to an external FX. The external FX instead of patching back to the inputs of the OT I am connecting to my mixer. I would like to be able to send different tracks from the OT to the external FX with the possibility to have control of the amount of signal being send independent of the track. Most of the tutorials I saw use the option “Cue mutes Track". To me that does not make entirely sense because I will not be able to mix the dry signal with the processed signal inside the OT. I would have to do that on the FX itself. I would like to be able to set the Fx as 100% and then only make independent amount of signal sending from the OT. Is the Studio mode the way to go? How would You approach such a scenario?

Thanks everybody in advance. Peace.


for this you can just use it in its default mode (i.e. make sure cue mutes track is OFF, and it’s NOT in studio mode).
Then just hold CUE button and press the track you want to send to the external FX (the track led will flash to show it’s being sent out of the cue), to change the level sent to the cue hold down CUE button and use level knob.
done :slight_smile:


Thank You,
But if it mutes the track then that means that I will have only the processed signal on the return? Or do I get this wrong?
Let’s say that I will set the FX amount on the Fx itself for one track but that does not necesarly mean that for another track it will be right. Therefore I was hoping that the Cue amount can be acting as a Send amount but having at the same time the dry sound. Maybe I am missing something ?

It should work as @_dspk explained, with new project default settings. No need for CUE MUTES TRACK unless you want to switch between 100% wet and 100% dry directly.

You need a Thru track for FX return (if you don’t use a mixer).

Studio mode only changes display and mute behavior : if you mute the track, it also mutes the Cue send. With normal mode you can mute Main and Cue independently, with studio mode you have to set levels to 0 :
100% wet : Level = 0, Cue = 127
100% dry : Level = 127, Cue = 0


Fantastic!! Thanks!