Another Raspberry Pi question

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B (not the +) and I’m trying to figure out what, if any, synths or music stuff (besides the USB-to-MIDI converter script) can run on this without any extra hardware. I want to get the Norns Shield eventually, but I need to also get the 3B+ board. I do have a few class-compliant soundcards and MIDI interfaces that I can use with it, but I haven’t been able to find any patches/programs/whatever that don’t need extra specialized hardware (PiSound, Zynthian, etc.).

Anyone have any ideas?

useful as a USB host - discussed on here somewhere - just needs an ALSA script to connect controller to sound generator

just bought a Pi 400 for my son as an educational thing but might pick up a spare micro USB card to noodle on this stuff - albeit sounding only through a monitor (no simple audio out other than via HDMI)


I have it currently as a USB host, but I don’t have any gear that actually needs it (everything has actual MIDI IO). Wanna try and make it into a synth to pair with my small setup.

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I got one of those, nice little computer, done nothing with mine yet, I did install PD and Seq24 though, might see if there are any trackers too.

Sonic Pi is pretty good.

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AMsynth, Helm, Bristol and others are available in the Raspbian repositories, and the Pi works pretty well with USB midi. You would need something for audio out though.

Actually, Surge and Vital both ‘technically’ run on Pi too. Performance is awful though unfortunately. I tried… and failed.

Also, Audacity works well on Pi and would be useful to use alongside Milkytracker, if that kind of thing interests you.

Theres a whole heap of other interesting stuff too, if you are comfortable with adding repositories and tinkering with the Pi.