Another analog Heat as Soundcard thread


Hello all,

I apologize if this has already been discussed but I can seem to find my exact issue in another thread, although I read the manual and tried my best.

So I want to use my AH as a soundcard, so I can use VSTi"s and OB with no issues at all, as well as OB with my Rytm. But my issues arrive when I want to connect my synth to AH via the analog inputs. The AH is connected to its own USB 2 port.

So I have done all the standard stuff like config Ableton, and I believe my settings are correct. The AH has the analog set to in and out (but I tried all settings). I tired adjusting signal sensitivity

So list of issues

  • Static noise through the system, even when the AH and synth is switched off
  • No synth through headphones jack of AH but I get VSTi’s
  • high noise floor in ableton even with AH on low sensitivity

-Changed cabled
-changed synth

  • tried both TRS and unbalanced cable


Windows 10
rytm mk1
Analog Heat mk1

So I read the manual and forums and watched youtube (not much there) Can anyone please offer me a solution on what I have done wrong?

thank you in advance


what firmware version on the heat, what version of OB installed?


So after reading your message I upgraded everything to the new beta, both firmware and OB… it was at 1.03 or something.

So the noise whilst everything being connect and switched off is gone, it was my laptops onboard soundcard.

But I am still not getting audio through the analog inputs of the AH
Do I have to switch something on in the menu of AH?

eg in options for analog in/out, I have it on in+out

So yeah I am still lost :frowning:


So it it is solved… I had to uninstall OB PROPERLY meaning clean my register etc and basically updated to the new beta firmware and OB and it seems great now.

Thanks again Cosmic, cheers