Analogue Four Mk2 internal battery


I’ve searched the manual but can find no reference to this, but is the internal battery in the A4 Mk2 user changeable? The only way I can see in is to unscrew all the screws, but a pal of mine told me he had to send his Mk2 back to Elektron to change the internal battery, which seems a bit odd.

honest question - there doesn’t appear to be a battery on the Mk1, nor any discussion on it afaicr- so there’s definitely one on the Mk2 ? why does it need replacing so soon and was your pal’s Mk2 an A4 ?

Curious. I’m looking to purchase one from the pal’s pal…who says the battery needs changing but doesn’t know how. I may well steer clear of this one.

Only Machinedrum, Monomachine, and Octatrack use internal batteries…


Good reference Open_Mike – interesting that the Octatrack MkII does have a battery.

The only other possible interpretation of the Bluff’s question could be if he was referring to a supercap as a battery? Digitakt has that, not sure if the A4 MkII might too? A supercap is not user replaceable.


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I do love a bit of misinformation from friends and vendors of dodgy gear!

Thanks for the info, and no wonder I could find no reference to it in the manual!

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From what I understand OT MK2 is mostly identical to OT MK1 with of course minor changes…