Analog Rytm vs. Machinedrum?



That’s a good price!

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is it a UW version? mint condition? if so, you literally hit the jackpot my friend :slight_smile: i would buy immediately !!!

As I mentioned before, it’s WITHOUT the sampling option.

I do own both machines and when I make music with them I Use AR as the source for those bass heavy analog sounds and MD for the more crispy FM sounds.

They compliment each other very well👍🏻


is that a mk1 or 2 ?

I dont know your music making experience, but i know you just bought the Ar. My experience is that i only scratch the surface when i use more machines. Look at what you can do with samples, how to make beats, leads, etc…

So… dont underestimate the deepness your just bought AR

And… dont give yourself too many possibilities while using too many machines…

And… this is only my experience and my idea


I’ve had the MDUW on preorder ever since the “death announcement” and am very happy with it, however looking at the new synthesis options of the RYTM makes me definitely consider trading it. The only thing holding me back are the amazing (and extremely old) youtube videos showing off what the machinedrum is capable of, but it just seems like the machine is too intricate for its own good, at least for me.

De @wouzer speaks the truth : I think you should wait touching AR limits before you get another piece of gear…

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Yes, that’s something which happend to me a lot of times.
Gear hungry!!

But I see this Machinedrum also as an possible good investment.
Can’t foresee the future.

You can buy them all the time for around 500


Does not take very long though :wink: The AR doesnt really have tooo much to offer. If you would refer to the OT with that statement i would absolutely agree. But the AR is very streamlined. Once you get how the whole layering idea works and once you watch my tutorial on Youtube how to create melodic stuff with it :smiley: youre pretty much through already.

The MD is another beast when it comes to sound design. I would recommend spending some time on it as it really comes to live when you learn how to layer its various different machines to achieve different sounds. A good starting place is this website:

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If it’s your first Elektron machine, I’d say that it takes months before really get to the bottom.

If you think you understand the possibilities with the machine by understanding the tutorial, then you are right.

i think there is much more. How to make fantastic sounds, what to do with samples, how to structure songs, work with fills… etc

There are so many machines, and what you can do with it can go in so many directions…

I think, this should not be understimates.

Is this the “chord stabs” tutorial?

Any links?

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I definitely favour the MD synthesis for hats. I find the AR down low and the MD up top is a great combination.

yes, it is. here’s the link:

and @wouzer … please, dont get me wrong. I dont wanna say that the Rytm can basically do nothing :slight_smile: It lacks in Sound Design compared to the MD, but you are right: It has waaaay more to offer in the Performance Direction. Learning how to work with Trig Conditions, Performances, Scenes … getting a feeling how to tune the machines to get the most out of the chromatic mode Estimating when the time is right to change patterns, working with Pattern Chains and … of course - learning how to layer samples to your advantage - not to just make a different sound, but to accentuate an analog sound, giving it just the right edge it needs to cut through the mix … among the basics of how to use parameter locks and stuff … sure, thats all to be learned.

But Sound Design is still limited compared to the Machinedrum because on the Rytm most machines sound pretty similar to each other. No surprise, they often share the same analog circuitry. It therefore doesnt take long to get a feeling for them and to simply know how you can treat them to achieve a particular sound. On the Machinedrum this process can take forever, since every machine really sounds different compared to another one. Getting an idea what fits and what not is therefore a much harder task - but more enjoyable for those that like limitless possibilities :slight_smile:

Its always up to what you want. No offence, the Rytm is a great machine. But the MD is at least equally great, just goes into a different direction. What it cant offer in terms of Performance Features it more than makes up for with its sound design capabilities. If i had the money right now i would absolutely get one again :slight_smile:


I am amazed in the possibilities of the new machines
I have the problem with this that i keep on doing the same…
But once i leave my own circle, the sound design possibilities are more interesting than i thought they are…

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