Analog rytm pad and tuning bug?

i have a problem in mute mode.
there are weeks between the bug or defect appears and it only concerns the mute mode.
the problem is when i press the snare pad the bd pad also reacts
this bug or defect happens two weeks ago and today.
i did a short video to demonstrate it:

I also found out tgat the analog osc’s are out of tune.

when i choose three hard bd on three tracks and have the same settings on all tracks and then play all at the same time i hear they are out of tune. maybe all in all about 50 or 70 cent.



This happens to me too… But also when trying to select another track by “track + pad”, it selects another track, other than the one I clicked.

Anyone knows why?

I encountered such problem on my AR mk2.
When rebooting, the screen displayed the message “missing pad cal” so I runned a calibration (pretty cool to have included a 2h timeout to let it warm up) and voilà, it’s working as it should!