Analog Rytm OS 1.50A: bug reports


Yep, I plugged the FF into my MIDI interface and looked at the messages it’s sending. All is matching the spec in the AR manual as it did before. That, and all the MIDI settings in the AR are set correctly—I’ve even tried all combinations of “wrong” settings just to make sure it isn’t a behavior change I missed in the release notes. It’s pretty mysterious! :slight_smile:


Strangely, I’m getting this behavior in Performance CCs, Scene switches, Synth page stuff, Amp page stuff, FX section stuff…

Essentially everywhere MIDI CCs used to work, they now do not.

Everything works for me except the Synth Page…check your settings again. Also, they just released a new firmware to address this issue.


I’m still getting this with 1.50A - any thoughts ? Any replies ? Reload is setting the visible info right, but not the sound parameters

I had an exchange with Elektron support about it (kit reload on change). They said they tested and it worked the same in previous OS’s but would report to the developers as I insisted it’s not the advertised behavior.

I didn’t rollback to a previous OS to check it myself but I swear I always have this setting enabled and never before noticed this bug.


So it’s an old bug, but clearly a bug if the function part works. Hope that gets resolved although I prefer the reload function to be set to off

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Just to say above support ticket worth it (for confirmed issues!) and I had a nice message!

We have released a bug fix OS that resolves this issue. You can find it here:
Thank you for reporting!
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Hi. Difference between pads and recorded notes, 2 octaves transposed.
Analog Rytm OS 1.50: bug reports Thanks!

Are we talking about manual kit reload or only kit reload on pattern change function? From my experience kit reload on change in older firmwares only worked when the sequencer is running - if you changed patterns while stopped, it didn’t seem to work properly. @sezare56 what exactly are you saying the Nov 19 bug fix release solved? Thanks and sorry that I am confused in general - what’s (specifically) being discussed above in various posts is unclear to me.

Reload on Change will only update the parameters on screen. It won’t update the actual sound. So the dials are right but the sound hasn’t been updated. This bug has persisted into 1.50a afaict although it was reported

There was a 2 octaves difference between the sequencer and the keyboard.


Just realizing this is a BIG PROBLEM after updating a few days ago. For the first time since update I’m back at my modular trying to send performance CC to Polyend 2 (like I was last week) and it doesn’t work :cry:
I really hope they fix this quickly, I’m on the verge of tossing my elektron boxes out the window, while a few days ago I was considering buying/recommending their stuff as holiday gifts. Can’t imagine how much business elektron loses due to this kind of stuff!

I’m not sure it’s a bug, as it works for @mekohler. I’d check my midi settings twice or more. I can’t check at the moment.

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I don’t know that it is a new bug, but I have noticed that the AR will only send pressure data (from performance pads) to external MIDI sources if both pressure dst = int + ext AND encoder dst = int + ext. it does not ever send midi when pressure dst = ext. when pressure dst = int + ext, it sends midi if encoder dst = int+ext, but not if encoder dst = int.

seems to me that midi should be sent from performance pads when pressure dst = ext or int+ext, and that the encoder dst param should not affect whether or not pressure data is sent externally.

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where is this BIG PROBLEM, I am having a hard time replicating this BIG PROBLEM as the pads knobs etc etc are all sending and receiving just fine afaict

that would be unfortunate if it was simply user error

before you do, let’s just establish some facts, so what’s not being transmitted for you - let’s focus on transmitted (rather than received) so you’ll want a midi monitor !?

I can’t replicate this, can you be clearer

aftertouch/pressure is sent when you are in normal pads playing mode, specifically NOT when in performance mode (which sends a different channel message)

is this a case of user error


THANK YOU! And yes agreed that is how it should work - what if you only want to send pressure data and sending encoder data messes things up! I’m sure they will fix - and thanks again for the tip
@avantronica - yes apologies, my post was in haste and frustration, that’s interesting about the difference between performance mode and non. I’ll have to think about why that makes sense, thanks for bringing it to my attention - my issue was that I need to send CC info, not aftertouch, so it may still be a problem if it’s impossible to do that in performance mode without also sending encoder data. Again I have to check how this works. Ty all for being supportive

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There are four toggleable destinations … int int/ext ext (except encoder has no ext only)


Mutes are a CC
pressure is aftertouch and is only possible in normal/chromatic playing
Pad is notes only
That only leaves encoder which seems to be a catchall for CC messages (except Mute)

so the only path to disabling the CC from performance Mode is via Encoder set to Int

There’s no way to disable Encoder without disabling the performance CC (in 1.50A) too

However, if you are setting the Output Ch to the Track Channel or Auto Channel, then the encoder CC is always on a different channel which you could filter with - default channel for Perf CC is Channel 15 which is a unique channel from all other defaults

I can’t attest to the behaviour of Encoder = Int prior to this, but it seems to make sense now, if it was previously sending Perf CC then there would have been no setting (besides a kill all) to filter that away - perhaps there’s a case for having a Performance CC = Int Int/Ext Ext option that is discrete from Encoder ? Who knows

But I can’t see anything massively inconsistent with expectation here - the term pressure seems to have added to the confusion, but that relates only to Aftertouch Messages (not performance Mode)


So, this 2 octave difference rytm bug. Am I correct that now it is at least the same when playing on the chromatic pads and sequencer the same, but generally you can only output really low notes?
As in I have to go all the way to the top to get to C2 or so?
Seems I can currently only output low or very low notes :C

The default Pad Midi Note is 36, the lowest pad is 12 and the Highest is 59 (it’s not a C)

The Lowest Sequenced note is 12 and the Highest is 60 (it is a C @ +24 , pads only reach +23)

There is no fixed standard, there are a couple, about how to reference these Notes against a designated ref C - some start at C0 some at C-2, so it’s best to look at MIDI number which is absolute

It is nonetheless very much loaded in the lower half of the MIDI range, the Notes 0-11 are reserved for playing The 12 Tracks on any input channel like an Ableton drum rack

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Hi, when I try to record audio from external input, selecting AUD L, L+R, R doesn’t seem to work: I only record loud white noise and the VU meter doesn’t move. The monitor option has no effect: my external source can be heard in all cases.

However, when recording MAIN, I can sample my external source without issue. Also, my external source is modulated by the compressor. So it looks more like a weird routing problem or a software glitch than a hardware issue.

It seems like a bug but I don’t know if it’s recent, I upgraded as soon as I got this machine, some days ago. Sorry if it’s just me mishandling the device.

Edit: Also, unrelated but when powering off the machine when it’s booting, powering it right after fails, either silently or with oscillators drifting up (it was quite nice actually lol).

Edit2: does yours light up with a red/blue/white flash (and sometimes a loud bang (more like a wobble actually) in the headphones) too? :smiley:

Sounds like you have plugged in your external input into EXT IN instead of AUDIO IN


Well you are right and I shall now bathe in shame.