Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


Have any other MK2 users have funky issues with the control inputs and using CV?


wouldn’t mind hearing if this can be replicated or is standard function, can’t remember if it worked on older OS;

simply desire to overlay internal trigs with an external sequencer.

sending mk1 midi notes from external sequencer to all 12 tracks over 12 channels.
before i send midi to any channel i can place trigs on internal sequencer no probs.
as soon as any channel receives external midi notes the internal trigs stop triggering, tracks only respond to external incoming notes.
when i record the midi coming in the trigs are visible but they don’t trigger internally unless I reboot.


it’s always been one or other as far as notes are concerned - external takes priority, so it’ll block/supercede internal track trigs underneath it


Not working on ‘Synth Page’ for volume parameter (Function+Data Entry H)


RYTM Mk2 OS 1.45 bug?

Attempted to “Save Project” today, only to have everything I had just done revert back to where it was upon LAST save. First time I have had this issue, but it happened twice within 30 minutes.


i thought volume just jumped quickly , not specifically 16,32,64 …
but i havent used my rytm for a while.


tthis could be a issue with MIDI sending from my DAW itself, but when I plug in my RYTM to Logic, the kick only goes to 0 volume, pans hard left and has a no of other paramters go to the lowest value. it seem to be ok if I turn off ‘recieve midi notes’ (but sometimes I want that turn on aye).


“certain parameters”

a delay is many times on beat so the function knob helps skip note values essentially
an oscillator bumped up an octave is another “jump” that makes sense

volume is totally dependent on the programme material


I just had another freeze on a live gig, fortunately was able to work around it’s still but it’s really frustrating. If I recall it occurred when I had the fill button held down. The days of playing an entire set with just a rytm are definitely over for me.


This sucks. I’ve been getting a few freezes too. We need to get the AR stable again! :muscle:t2: Such a good machine


yes, I had really hoped this would’ve been addressed by now.


I have to say; I’ve been somewhat regretting upgrading. Aside from the occasional freezes, the whole draw for the upgrade was the control inputs which are still not working and support have been rather unresponsive on this particular ticket. :unamused:


This thread has prevented me from upgrading to the 1.45 firmware. Does anyone know if the program change functionality was addressed in 1.45? I saw something in the release notes about Direct Change improvements for Direct Jump. Trying to use this guy with a Pyramid sequencer. Oh, and I’m on an AR MK1.


I haven’t installed either of the last two updates out of fear that it will screw up my machine.