Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


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i honestly don’t understand this entire control input section. With a 0 to 5v CV signal coming in, there is no way for me to sweep the entire spectrum of any destination. I have the range set to 0, - 5500. it doesn’t make any sense why this incoming CV won’t sweep the full range.


What I think is happening is that no matter what I set the range to, the CV response is not reacting to that range. I have a Moog MP-201 pedal going in that sends 0 to 5v out. I should be able to sweet the tune of any track from 0 - 127 if set to 0 to 5500 right?

in addition to this, changing the modulation range also changes the base point of the modulation, which severely limits the range of modulation. it’s pretty much useless.

i’m so frustrated by this. it’s like nobody tested this feature before these things went out of the factory and no updates have resolved this issue. setting the range does nothing.


Brass tacks:

  • Things work as they should on the A42;
    things don’t work as they should on the AR2.

  • Patrik was able to recreate the issue (that 0 registers as -64 on the AR2), and the developers have been notified.

  • No ETA was given.


I cannot believe that a year after launch, this is an issue. the CV/control input was one of the principal upgrade features of the MKII series. And it’s like nobody paid any attention to it?



I’m pretty sure the DT had the same overly sensitive encoder issue. It was fixed in an OS update AFAIK.


In this video I have a slow 0 to 5v pulse going into Control Input 1. I have the input CV range set to CV minimum point 0 and CV maximum point 5000 accordingly (though on the Control In setup page it seems to make no difference whether I have it set -5500 to 5500 OR 0 to 5500).

So here, WHY is the input meter on the kit page showing the value go from 31 to 61? It never reaches the middle point of the display. The incoming voltage is exactly what it wants, 0 to 5v. That must be wrong. You can hear the inconsistent effect when applied to the “BT TUNE” setting. Then the offset knob on the bottom doesn’t make any sense and the response is erratic. When set to 0, no change is made. When raised, the minimum value of the TUNE goes up, meaning there is no way to swing the value from low to high using 0 to 5v. Changing the encoder effects the value of the TUNE even when a value of 0 CV is coming in. None of this makes any sense to me. Also if I unplug the CV input cable entirely the value stays at 31 which is also strange.


Does anyone else have the above problem??


Tonight I had the issue that.

It wouldn’t change patterns even though the menu appeared , I could select the pattern button , the led lit up (I think) … but it didn’t flash the upcoming pattern on screen and swap.
The transport buttons were copy/paste/clear by default too .

It wasn’t a sticky function button , though seemed to fix itself by hitting track button lots of times.

I had been using analog4 as master clock / transport , it wasn’t sending anything else (note , note , prg change etc)

I think I’ve read similar issues elsewhere so perhaps it is rare , but still an an issue.

On latest fw.


It looks like you are beta testing it.


I’ve just upgraded to dual vco tonight and have the following straight away-

Changing parameters on one channel changes the others… ie-if I change volume on bd it changes on chh, if I change sample on chh it changes on bd

If I mute chh it mutes bd

But if I mute bd it dosnt mute bd

Delay and reverb are now universal as in turn it up on one channel turns up on all…

This is only after ten minutes into the upgrade

Fukn pissed


Hmm I’m not having any of those issues on 1.45. Are you on mki or mkii? Maybe try to install again?


sure feels like it. can anyone else confirm weirdness with the control inputs? does anyone even use that?


I would if I had an MK2, but only have an MK1…it’s weird no one else on the forum has made any comments about the control inputs. Have you used the support ticket function on their website, you will get a reply in a few days for sure.


any updates?


I’ll be the first to let you know — this was the only reason for upgrading.


Likewise. What’s going on Elektron? Is anyone paying attention? I’ve opened a ticket and nobody has resolved anything there either. Frankly this is the last thing I purchase from elektron.


I think support would be on holidays, or at least skeleton staff…?


they’ll be out until the 5th of Jan, unless I’m mistaken.


Have had a MK-II since September. Pretty much upgraded to 1.45 as soon as I got it. Hadn’t faced any issues until 2 weeks ago.

Since then have had at least 6 freezes (had to reboot the rytm) and mute mode is basically broken (muting and unmuting CP also affects HT).

I thought I was one of the lucky ones, to have received a piece that was problem free, but guess I was wrong. Think I’ll have to send it back to Elektron. Any one done the same and have any advice for me? Also how should I go about backing up the device and samples?