Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion




Anyone experiencing slowdowns when browsing for samples while a pattern is playing? I had some slowdown today for the first time and then a freeze on bootup. Power cycling it again seemed to correct it but then the slow down in the sample browse happend again after about 10-20 minutes.


Oh dear…
Twas a joke…

You returned your A4 Like the miriad of people who buy a pupy from a shelter for xmas then dump it back there 3 days latter when it pees on the rug.

It seems to have calmed now that i have unplugged the USB and run a midi cable out from my DT for sync…its not running as hot and facebook isnt trying to play videos through it. (OB beta testing) but with the usb in it was a little toasty…?


Had first freeze in years on my Rytm Mk. 1 on the most recent OS. Happened while I was rapidly scrolling through samples under the sample page using encoder D. Kept outputting sound but screen became unresponsive. A bit surprised as my mk 1 has been very very stable. Havent been able to reproduce at all. Weird OS gremlin I guess


that’s a sick trick! bring it back, elektron! I am not upgrading!


Update: So I’ve thankfully not encountered any freezes with my unit yet, but I am running into an issue involving the control inputs (video is 30 seconds long):


Sounds like what I experienced on my mkii I was up and down arrowing though and the lag would steadily build. But eventually would subside when I was out of that menu


my rytm mk2 ignores the filter envelope when triggered from an external controller, the envelope depth knob does nothing, but when triggered from the machine itself, it behaves as normal. can anyone replicate?


works 100% fine here (internal and external) 1.45b
not quite sure where to suggest looking, but as ever, do some digging with a minimal setup on a cleared kit etc and be sure to assign the auto channel externally (def 14) (you may be auditioning a different voice externally than the presently edited one)


1.45 here, will try to update and see then.
auto channel (14), roland spd sx sending midi, everything else working fine,


If a brand new piece of gear freezes on me, it’s getting returned. It should work without issue out of the box.

My Machinedrum has been flawless for many years (I was one of the first to buy one in the US). My A4 has been flawless since I bought it. I returned a bricked Digitakt, and I returned an AR2 that had freezing issues.

Freezing is absolutely unacceptable to me. Not even on an inexpensive piece of gear, let alone a $1400 piece of equipment.


Could someone remark on the issue raised in the 30 second video I posted?

I’m assuming it’s a firmware issue, but if it’s not, I need to know, and elektron support isn’t responding either.

The issue in text:
On the A4, increasing the modulation depth on the Modulation Setup In1/ In2 (control input) pages, without incoming signal (be it CV or whatever) has no audible effect.

The same cannot be said for the Rytm. No incoming signal still effects the destinations which leaves it inoperable in my experience.

Please/ Thank you.


any resolution for this? modulation input is buggy on mine too.


Upon further inspection, -64 on the Rytm is behaving as 0 does on the A4.

Can you confirm?


Update: Patrik was able to reproduce the issue, and the developers have been notified. :metal:


I noticed my RYTM encoder parameters starts getting glitched up and down when I turn them. Anyone else’s like that?


I think Elektron needs to fix the sensitivity of the encoders on the AR2. It’s difficult to dial in what you want on them.


The MK2s as well? Wow I thought it was just the MK1s ahhh not good :hm:


TBH neither of these points sound like bugs
Bugs are unexpected parts of the firmware

The Mk1 issue sounds a bit more like it’s a flaky/dirty encoder, this happens with age

The Mk2 issue is not a bug it’s just horrible weighting to encoder scrolling, some parameters feel decent, some are okay and some are barely usable - this is just a finesse thing (and partly subjective) imho, the sort of issue that may sadly take a back seat to bugs and bigger outstanding things even though it’s an easy thing to sort and one of the most important aspects to have right as it affects so many users


whats the solution for a flaky encoder? I’ve noticed that a couple of mine on the Mk1 I’ve had for over 3 years are behaving like friedcircuit describes