Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion


Didi you play on Overbridge Mode ? I switch from Overbridge mode to USB/Midi Only, and it seems to avoid any freeze. I will play more today and let you know.


To my surprise I was in overbridge mode, I’ll def disable for any live sets in the future. Thanks for suggesting. I’ll also report any freezes if they occur with OM disabled.


So it happened again. I cant explain how to reproduce, it was ok yesterday for about 4 hours and now it did it again after 30 minutes.
It seems to occur in mute section. Anyone else confirm that ?

Dont know if there was a ticket about it , I just opened one.



Brand new Analog Rhythm MKII with 1.45B. When I power ON, the MT and CH are lighting up. Is that normal?

When I play sounds and I ‘double click’ the stop button, some pads are lighting up. Normal too?



I love my Elektron gear, but having your gear freeze up at a gig would be a nightmare. One of my worst fears.


Yeah, there’s that brief panic moment that’s pretty awful. What’s extra frustrating is that it never occurred prior to the second to last update. I’ve been bringing along a synth or two (partially in fear of this occurring). Fortunately it’s just a freeze and not a crash, meaning I can fade out the rytm, bring in a sequence to fill space, and restart the rytm. At least then it’s just a small hiccup rather than a train wreck. I would definitely rather not have that occur at all though! The days of using the AR exclusively on a gig are over for me.


It would seem the mute section is always where this freeze occurs. I would have added it seemed to happen when I was rapidly jumping between modes, etc., but I experienced one a few days ago just with they rytm running for a few minutes on it’s own without touching. It was in mute mode.


Bought one yesterday and had 2 freezes in the first 12hrs…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


since upgrading my mk1 to the 1.4x OS when they came out i’ve now had at least 6 separate freeze events. In fairness these have occurred in less than 1% of my total usage time and when i reset everything is usually fine (except last night I did lose some changes frustratingly, resulting in this post).

If i was to hazard a guess it seems to usually happen around using/interacting with/initiating the Dual VCO. are there any tests/things i should note to help document this glitch?

Prior to this i never had a single freeze with the previous OS’ over 2+ years.

I don’t want to be a moaner as i love this machine, but it needs to be raised and addressed for live functionality. :cb:


I just placed an order for a MK2 today, as my MK1 was compromised (unbeknownst to me, the left main speaker was hooked up to a bad power supply and short-circuited as I went to plug the left output in — leaving the left output inoperable) at a gig last week, and will most likely need to be sent off for repair. I’ve got a fairly big gig coming up in 23 days and these testimonials of freezes are not calming my nerves.

It goes without saying that I very much appreciate the transparency. :pray:

My question to waftlord: You think I’ll be fine as long as I don’t try and incorporate the dual VCO? (None of our tracks incorporate the dual VCO machine as I had been holding off updating the firmware until OB came out.)


not sure what you’re asking here, you placed an order to have your mk1 repaired, or you’ve ordered a new mk1 or mk2?

i only have a mk1 and would be interested to hear if any other mk1 users have this REALLY RARE freeze state issue since upgrading to 1.4x.

i’m not stating either way, especially regarding mk2s, it was a pure guess from my perspective. what OS were the tracks made in? i’m assuming you weren’t experiencing freezes on the your mk1?


Sorry for not being more clear. As there’s only 22 days before this gig, there’s no way to have it shipped off, repaired, and shipped back in time. Thus, I’ve chosen to go ahead and place an order for the MK2.

The tracks were made on 1.31; no freezes were occurring.


I don’t think all of the freezes are OS related, so beware. The MK2 issues seem hardware / overheating related if you ask me.


Duly noted/ appreciated.

Any pointers for things to look for when it arrives tomorrow? (In discerning hardware vs firmware issues.)


Running the Rytm in test mode and check all buttons and leds should give you a good start with your new device. Good luck!


Roger that, and thanks. :slight_smile:


I haven’t installed the last two updates solely for this reason. My AR2 has been rock solid out of the box, and I’m worried that Elektron’s updates are going to jack it up.

My first AR2 I bought kept getting error messages and wouldn’t boot up, so it was returned to the dealer pronto.


Just had a freeze on my mk1, latest firmware.
Hope they fix it, love this machine.


If I were you I’d return it or exchange it.


Wow either you know something i dont know or you should never ever buy a puppy…!:rofl: