Analog Rytm MkII – Logic Pro X/Overbridge 2.0.37 Template here

Exactly. Don’t get me wrong though, I think overbridge is great for some things. It’s just frustrating, like with any software, when you incorporate it into your workflow, and then come across a problem where it’s not acting as you would hope or expect, this forcing you to re-evaluate your workflow, spend time troubleshooting or looking for workarounds etc. Such is life in the world of music tech!

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Hey y’all. So Im looking for some help with Logic and overbridge here. Got everything setup and working fine as OP suggested. Only thing is I cant get the AR to receive transport start/stop messages. I go to midi>sync>midi project sync settings and can choose it there but its not working. My other hardware is receiving fine over mid. Pretty sure i have everything set right in the AR… any ideas?

@emptyvesselband if you’re using the plugin, that should take care of sync. Not only do you not need to use Logic’s own MIDI Sync from preferences but it could interfere, so turn it off. The plugin should handle transport and sync all by itself.

That said I’ve never only ever had intermittent transport issues when both are on – sounds like you have a different problem. I know it’s a cheesy suggestion but: tried another cable?

Quietly fixed a fix to my fix: when I made the unused track before with No Output I accidentally set Rytm Buss to No Output also. Have set it back to Stereo Out.

Thank you very much for your template.

I just inspired from it to make my own, it helps a lot though.
Only using transport and pattern changes and evrything works well so far.

I didn’t read the full tread, I’m wondering, is the ninth channel it made by clicking on the + icon the stereo input ?
I only got the AR MKII for 3 days so didn’t used the input yet.

By the way how do you get this lovely AR MKII icon in Logic ?

Find a nice PNG from Google Image Search (with a nice transparent background). Right click the track image. Go to custom icons, click +, find your PNG, save your template :slight_smile:

Thanks, very classy