Analog Rytm MkII – Logic Pro X/Overbridge 2.0.24 Template here

Are you trying to get Logic Pro X to work with your ARII? I’ve tried some things that didn’t work, and I’ve been trying to pay close attention to the Overbridge warnings when you start up the plugin:

So I’ve made a v1Logic Pro X template that I hope someone finds useful.

Logic Pro X template



  • is created in Logic 10.4.4 (I’m still stuck on Sierra!)
  • is tested with Overbridge 2.0.24 beta
  • sends sync to all devices on cycle start only (I have had trouble with the ARII losing sync if more than one start signal is sent, esp: across a cycle jump)
  • has three tracks:
    • The Rytm plugin itself (icon included)
    • plue two summing stack submixes:
      • A bus stack that can be muted or soloed alone; doesn’t record anything, is just for monitoring live
      • An audio stack that’s for recording to; has only audio tracks so every track can be armed at the top level
  • has sends from every bus track and audio to stock Logic reverb/delay combo Space Designer (on Bus 31) and Delay Designer (on Bus 32) in case you don’t want to use the inbuilt FX – there’s one very good reason you might not want to: if you’re using the Rytm as a sound card, there’s no way of turning off non-overbridge master effects, and the latency on everything else makes things sound ‘out’


  1. Logic Pro X 10.4.4 Analog Rytm Overbridge


  1. Unzip the contents of the template to /Users/<your_user>/Music/Audio Music Apps/Project Templates
  2. Connect your ARII
  3. Configure it for Overbridge
  4. Make sure your Audio Routings are either globally off or off with the kit you’re using
  5. Fire up a new project based on this template
  6. Monitor using the Rytm Buss track stack
  7. Record using the Rytm Audio track stack
  8. Automate the Rytm Plugin by setting Latch or Touch automation on Rytm Plugin track; as the track plays, move any knobs you like

I’ve put my favourite Multipressor settings on the monitoring/audio busses. You might disagree with any of the plugins, but I’ve tried to stay stock.


If this is helpful to you, or there’s something you’d rather see it do, or you’ve any issues, let me know below. Thanks!



I’ve added a stereo template to the above; use this if you want to pan on the Rytm, use the mono template if you want to pan with Logic.

I don’t know if I dreamed that I had this working or not (I was sure I’d moved pan sliders in the Rytm plugin and had the Logic output pan) but panning is apparently after the overbridge outputs in the signal path, so there seems to be little point in the Stereo version above. I’ll go with 10xMono and upload a version with working FX later.

EDIT: which I guess leads me to a question; why offer Stereo out options in the Rytm plugin if panning can only be done in Logic?

Ok, I’ve updated this to a single download. Effects are working properly now and there’s no pretension that you can pan anything anywhere other than Logic (if you rely on pans in your perf macros, er, don’t)!

Just a minute ago, fixed an issue with the audio bus outputting to Bus 10 (FX) rather than Stereo Out. Oops. Sorry. Please re-download if you’re having trouble.