Analog Rytm mkii + A4 mkii clock sync w Abelton/Logic Pro


Hey y,all,

I’ve got the Analog Rytm mkii set as the master with the A4 mkii running as the slave via a midi cable (side note I’m like freaking out at how fucking sick these two machines are lol!!!).

I would like to keep the Analog Rytm mkii as the master clock and just send that over to Abelton and or Logic but I’m not quite sure how. Can I use the usb connection to send clock into my interface?

I’m using an Apogee quartet as my master interface (w a Audient asp800 connected via BNC/optical in).

Finding it nearly impossible to play drums to these spaced out, trig’d out, dense ass grooves without a click in Logic or Abelton and dying to make this break through haha!

Would massively appreciate any help!

Thank you!!