Analog Rytm MKI records before grid

Hi guys,

I’m a AR owner for a month now and really happy with it. One thing I don’t understand is a problem I have when I record trough USB.

When I record the AR, it records the audio track before the beat. It means the first beat is recorded half and the whole track is not in sync. It looks like the opposite of ‘latency’. I do know the trics to fix latency, but I’ve never seen this problem. I tried changing the buffer size in Overbridge and Ableton and also changed the buffer safety margin, but that didn’t really help. I use the Song record mode in Overbridge.

Does anybody have experience with this problem?

Thanks and please let me know!

Hi, do you set a count in in Ableton when you Record? I hat the same Problem Recording to Blackbox.

Hi, yes I use the automatic count in of Ableton.

Turn it off and try again. You also may put the count in to a complete pattern length, which you want to record.


Hey, die you try it? Is it working now?

I did try, but did not work. I expected that, because it also happens when I don’t record and AR is just playing along with ableton in ‘song record mode’. I added a picture.