Analog rytm mk2 pad issues

Just got my RYTM MKii a few days ago and it is having some pad mute issues as well this is a real bummer as I was hoping to play some gigs with it over the next month :disappointed_relieved: this sucks.

Was hoping it was a “needs to be broken in” kind of issues

I have the same pad mute issue and i fixed it. Without to send to Elektron i contact with support and they say that in some case this help. first you need to make empty reset not factory then upload new latest version after that if you have the same issue make again empty reset and do not use factory kits because my AR only make this issue when i use factory presets. When you make empty reset your AR will be without this factory kits but if you this help you i think the kits is not a problem :slight_smile: I have the same issue and now my AR working one week without problem and i do not send to Elektron :slight_smile:


Did that no help. It’s seems if I lightly press the pad it’s all good but if I hit 7,8,11,12 with pressure it’s messed with others mute states
And just for the record…72

my also is end with 72 and after i make this my AR work very good !

D’Oh! I spoke too soon. Never mind, my RYTM with a serial # that ends in 72 was indeed having problems too. Pads and REC don’t work correctly. I sold it as is. The new owner knows what’s up, and will send it back for repair. Just fyi for those keeping score on the 72’s

hhh guys all rytm mk2 ends with 72 that’s what’s 72 means! It means the machine is a rytm mk2


Just got my second defective RYTM MKii in less than three weeks. Am thinking about trying one last time for a working one or just getting a second digitakt instead so I at least have a working product. Does anyone have a stable, non pad defective unit or should I just give up hope on finding a working one ?

I got one today. no issues.


I think the pads on my Rytm MKII are bad. I keep thinking it’s my imagination or I’m just not used to it but then I think no, hold on, that just feels weird. I was doing some scene changes and sometimes a light touch seemed reliable and then I had to push firmly instead to select another pad. Sometimes the pads seem to trigger and then trigger back of their own accord. Sometimes I trigger a pad and an adjacent pad triggers.

How can I be sure? Am I just lieing to myself that it’s ok because of the hassle of sending it back to Elektron? I don’t get any errors on start up or in diagnostics. I wish I could reliably replicate the errors but don’t seem able to.


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There are several threads already about this issue. Most people are returning the unit for replacement under warranty.
Personally I solved all my AR problems by returning the unit for full refund, then I got a TR8-S.


Contact Elektron support via their webpage and describe what’s happening. They will advise you.

If you are dissatisfied with the unit, request satisfaction from the seller.

I got a new 72 serial back in Jan and just started messing with it. Having the pad problems. Out of return window for retailer, but messaged both them and Elektron so we’ll see. Whata bummer…no other machine out there that I know of does analog plus sample layering.

The problem has no correlation with the serial ending in 72 as all rytm mkii end in that number.

Elektron boxes have a three year warranty so even if it’s out of retailer return period. You’re still in elektron will fix it window.


Unfortunately, I am the next one with this problem and seeing the list of people and no solution in sight, I am worried. Sadly the problem makes the machine unusable - I cannot see a pattern to work around it. There are several pads that sometime mute/unmute other pads as well. I opened a ticket and quietly hope it can be resolved without replacement (considering that this did not help others like @Scot_Solida).


I had to send my replacement in for repair. It came back on Thursday and I am happy to say the issue has not yet recurred on the machine. As frustrating as it has been, I am not yet giving up hope that this time it will remain fixed. I have to say, that despite my frustrations with the machine itself, my experiences with Elektron support have been very good indeed. They’ve clearly been doing everything they can to get it worked out for me.


Wow, really sad that people are forced to pay for shipping and taxes for faulty units.

In the UK we get a 6 year (dependent on the item) enforced warranty on goods as part of the Sales of Goods Act and this is the responsibility of the seller to rectify (repair/replace). I always make sure I don’t buy from abroad so I’m covered.

I spent most of the day thinking why the problem occurred yesterday. I now suspect that I used it yesterday the first time in play mode, where you hit individual pads, usually a little bit harder. I mostly use the mute mode but yesterday, for the first time (?) with this machine, auditioned sounds in play mode. Afterwards the problem occurred, I think. For some time it seemed to be gone, only to reappear. I cannot figure out a pattern. From this thread, I gather it is a hardware problem, maybe to do with hitting the pads „too hard“? (It did not feel wrong what I did, love the machines, I am gentle with them :wink:

I have now had my second AR MkII back from repair for four days. I haven’t had time to really dig into it, but it has been powered up everyday and sitting on my desk directly to my right. I have kept it in Mute mode the whole time, and every so often I tap the various pads repeatedly to see if I can get them to mis-behave again. I am happy to say that they have not. I’m still quite nervous that they will fail again, but so far, so good.


Ive got pad issues…but am considering just getting the the maschine and use it as a controller forcthe AR.

The AR sounds are to good, and the maschine pads are super cush!

Same here.

Just get a replacement unit man. The quickest way to resolve the problem

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